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Stamford Tent - Hosting Premier Tri-State Events

Stamford Tent - Hosting Premier Tri-State Events!

Stamford Tent & Event Services is the oldest and most experienced tent rental company in the NY-NJ-CT tri-state area and has grown to become the regional leader in tenting and event services. This is a company that truly knows how to throw a party! Stamford Tent & Event Services was founded in 1953 as the Stamford Tent & Equipment Company. In the beginning the company supplied tents, tables, chairs and equipment for carnivals, festivals horseshows and the occasional backyard barbecue or wedding. Today they have evolved into the premiere - full-service tent rental company that provides products and services to the varied event market — event planners, caterers, florists, country clubs, banquet halls, hotels, restaurants, and universities, as well as to private clientele, corporations and government entities.

The company’s Principals are Stephen M. Frost, President & CEO and his brother Timothy Frost, COO, who combined have over 68 years direct experience at Stamford Tent. In 1967 when Steve began working for their father, Donald Frost who originally purchased the company, Steve installed the tents and dance floors, washed dishes, drove trucks and took part in just about every other aspect of the business. He rose to become President in 1990. Still as active as he was then, Steve develops and manages many of Stamford Tent’s most complex projects. Timothy A. Frost, Vice-president has over 40 years direct experience at Stamford Tent, starting in 1976 he is responsible for quality control, safety and loss control, truck fleet management and sales of new and used equipment.  

The brothers have made many changes over the years, in 1984 eliminating tools from the product line so that the sole focus of the business was on high-end social and corporate special events.  In 1986 they acquired their largest competitor, Deike Tent & Equipment Co., and in 1995 acquiring inventory of Maclean Rentals.  This making their business stronger as in 1999 they also purchased the entire tent and party rental inventory of another local competitor, Darien Rental Service.

More changes were to come as in 2007 due to their continuous drive for growth and customer demand they sold the Party Rental division in order to focus on their primary business; tents, temporary structures, flooring, lighting and climate control. The working name changed again to Stamford Tent & Event Services to better reflect the renewed focus on the core business.  In 2011 they sought a working capital 7(a) SBA guaranteed loan for $1.2 million through First County Bank to expand their existing facility and retain jobs as they acquired another competitor, P.J. McBride of West Babylon, N.J. With this acquisition they were able to increase their market share and presence on Long Island where many of their key clients are located and maintain inventory and a warehouse in NY to save on transportation costs. 

Due to this being a seasonal business with two peaks: April – August and September – November their number of employees fluctuates however they manage to have 180 employees during peak season and 60 during winter. Stamford Tent & Equipment Company has had the Frost family as owners and operators since 1968 and with their solid expertise and business acumen they have managed to indeed be the premier full-service tent rental company in the tri-state area. They have a long history of servicing not only a small, backyard barbecue but also lavish receptions hosted by international celebrities.  As they come closer to celebrating their 50th Anniversary it is without doubt that they have created a super successful business that leaves a lasting impression of great entertainment with every event they continue to host.   

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Stamford Tent & Event Services
Stamford, CT