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Uncle D's Blazin' BBQ

Blazin' BBQ Food Truck

Iris Gardner & Angelina Gardner have been co-owners of the Norwich based mobile food vending truck since 2011, Uncle Ds Blazin’ BBQ, a family run business. Uncle D’s Blazin’ BBQ serves up the best and tastiest Southern style barbecue! Slow smoked and perfectly seasoned meats are at the center of the menu. 
Iris Dewayne “Uncle D” Gardner is a Disabled Veteran and a 17+ year Norwich resident. Originally hailing from Birmingham, Alabama, over the past 29 years Uncle D has been actively involved in culinary and fine dining, maintaining various titles/positions, which have included:  C.S. aboard the USS Boston (SSN 703), head chef of offsite catering for one of the local casinos and ultimately Master Cook in numerous restaurants at the local casino.
While working as a Chef, she had also spent her personal time catering backyard BBQ’s and Family Gatherings.  Through these events and experiences, she was able to sharpen her Southern BBQ Skills. 
Angelina M Gardner has over 25 years of working in the customer service industry.  Together with the help of SCORE Mentors and classes, Norwich Community Development Corp., Community Economic Development Fund and Myron Mixon Smokers, this dream became a reality. 
Our core SCORE mentors Christine Paul, Buzz Sawyer, and Philip Lombardo helped them fine tune their business plan and create a cash flow.  They also assisted in other areas which helped them make different decisions and at times they brought in different professionals that had experience in the areas they were working into.  These valuable mentors were always available whether it was in person or through email.
With the business plan our mentors helped us fine tune they were able to secure the additional financing needed to open the brick & mortar location in Norwich, CT. SCORE mentors assisted them through meetings, attending their grand opening this past June and continue to keep in contact with them as the relationship built is for the lifetime of their business.  
At Uncle D’s Blazin BBQ, they take pride in serving quality, homemade and authentic Southern style BBQ.  The Gardner family fully understands the meaning of “Southern Hospitality” which is an experience we want all of our customers to have.  These ladies are very thankful of their SCORE business mentors for helping them make their family dream come true. In May of 2017 they expanded the business to include a 1700 foot brick and mortar open year round – by popular demand! 
Their famous slogan is “Uncle Ds Blazin BBQ,,,,,,,,,,”Get You Some”!!!


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Uncle D's Blazin' BBQ