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Agencies: How to Process 8(a) Contract Issues

Program for Proposed Agency Training on How to Process 8(a) Contracting Issues Through SBA’s District Offices

  • 8(a) Offer Letters
  • Determinations of Eligibility
  • Sources Sought
  • Contract Amendments/Modifications
  • Contract Amendments vs a “New Requirement”
  • Contract Extensions/Bridge Contracts
  • Sole Source Requirements Beyond the Threshold
  • Competitive Requirements Below the Threshold
  • Requests to Release From the 8(a) Program
  • Cure Notices
  • Terminations for Convenience
  • Terminations for Default


If your agency would like to take advantage of this training resource (either select topics or the entire program) please contact Anthony Ruiz, Assistant District Director/8(a) BD, at anthony.ruiz@sba.gov.