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Training for Federal Agencies: How to Process 8(a) Contract Issues

Program for Federal Agency Training on How to Process 8(a) Contract Issues Through SBA’s District Offices

  • 8(a) Offer Letters
  • Determinations of Eligibility
  • Sources Sought
  • Contract Amendments/Modifications
  • Contract Amendments vs a “New Requirement”
  • Contract Extensions/Bridge Contracts
  • Sole Source Requirements Beyond the Threshold
  • Competitive Requirements Below the Threshold
  • Requests to Release From the 8(a) Program
  • Cure Notices
  • Terminations for Convenience
  • Terminations for Default


If your agency would like to take advantage of this training resource (either select topics or the entire program) please contact Kiya Perrin, Business Opportunity Specialist at

If you are trying to submit an offer letter to the Washington Metropolitan Area District Office, please send your request to our central mailbox at