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Young Business Owner Grows His IT Businesses

While his peers are participating in sports, school plays and working at hourly jobs, Brian Hendricks is on the phone with clients and partners across the nation developing business plans and researching ways to make his businesses better. Brian is the founder of StartUpPc and VB Solutions, Inc.

StartUpPc is a located in Potomac, Md., and was founded in September 2001 to sell custom-built computers and computer services for home users, home office, small businesses and students. StartUpPc’s focus is providing performance systems and quality services with state-of-the-art Web sites with a unique solution toward custom-built PCs. Its services include design, installation of systems, training, networking and on-site support. It also provides a gear store where customers can purchase computer components and accessories at a discounted, wholesale price.

To assist his customers with the decision-making process, Brian developed a program called E-Builder, an electronic survey that determines the best computer solutions and recommendations for components, software, accessories, price, building and shipping time with an explanation for the selection.

In October 2002, Brian founded VB Solutions, Inc., which develops and customizes Web sites and message boards. VB Solutions, Inc. sets up advertising contracts and consults web site owners on site improvements. The company has designed corporate ID kits, logos and websites for clients from all over the globe.

Brian was taught at a very young age that working for yourself is one of the best jobs available. Brain defines a young entrepreneur as one having a distinct set of qualities entitled “The Five P’s of Entrepreneurship” - Planning, Persistence, Patience, People and Profit.

Brian knows what it takes to be a successful entrepreneur and has received several awards as proof, including Junior Achievement’s “National Youth Entrepreneur of the Year” and SBA’s “Young Entrepreneur of the Year.”

Brian is in charge of the Future Business Leaders of America Club at Winston Churchill High School in Potomac; the club provides a place to share his knowledge of business with peers and brainstorm ways to build up future businesses. Joseph Loddo of SBA’s Washington Metropolitan Area District Office stated “Mr. Hendricks has such a zeal for business and what greatness will follow...Carpe Diem, Seize the Day."