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Success Stories

By 2007, Airforce Veteran and Dover, Delaware resident Don Chupp’s 12 years of real‐world emergency management and victim/family support experience uniquely qualified him to make “the best of the worst of times” for clients grappling with emergencies – large companies, high‐net‐worth brands, and individuals and their families, alike. Chupp knew that emergency plans, preparation, and, most importantly, the resources to respond could make all the difference for that population. But Chupp also knew that, to maximize his positive impact, he needed to connect directly with that population, and that time was of the essence, especially with the seeming increasing frequency of emergency world events. In short, to best help his clientele risk-manage everything from private aircraft accidents, to armed assailant emergencies, and employee deaths and injury, it was time for Chupp to take one of the biggest risks of his own career – leaving the safety net of his government job to start an... Read More

An old American Proverb holds that “from little acorns mighty oaks do grow.”


For Newark, Del. technology firm Supercritical Fluids Technologies (“SFT”), that maxim holds more than true.  Indeed, the upstart small chemistry business is stretching its sleepy college town roots toward next-level success, exporting its products from its headquarters in a state known as the “Small Wonder” to a growing list of customers across the globe.  SFT develops products that use commonly obscure organic chemistry technology to revolutionize the reaction chemistry behind many of the products and industries of modern life.   And, thanks to a little help from the U.S. Small Business Administration and its partners, STF has made a successful science of taking its inventions from the lab to the marketplace.   Today, SFT’s equipment is found in North and South America, Europe, Asia, and Africa, and its principles collaborate with Fortune 500 businesses, major universities, government... Read More

From its 1952 opening until a 2015 Christmas Eve fire burned its building nearly to the ground, Serpe & Son’s Bakery famously won hearts in its Wilmington, Del., hometown and beyond with its family recipes and old-world-style commitment to quality. Serpe’s legendary breads, rolls, tomato pie and baked desserts are longtime staples at Delaware Valley family tables, as well as restaurants, social clubs, and community events like Wilmington’s annual St. Anthony’s Italian Festival. Over the years, Serpe’s following grew until Christmas Eve orders, alone, from the single-storefront business totaled nearly 1,000.

So, on Christmas Eve 2015, it was “business as usual” for Serpe’s, as long lines of the bakery’s devotees spilled out its door and onto the sidewalk outside. The brisk pace inside the shop was buoyed by the holiday spirit as customers hustled in and out, laden with fresh baked goods destined for holiday celebrations across the region. As another busy year for Serpe’s... Read More

Delmar’s Crystal Steel Employs 350, Counts as Its Work New Jersey’s “Empty Sky” 9/11 Memorial; NYC’s Liberty National Golf Club Building; and D.C.’s U.S. Diplomacy Center, & Credits It’s Start to SBA Help

 Thanks to one engineer’s vision, a single-shop Delaware metalwork business once threatened with closure is, today, turning out award-winning work for high-profile projects all across the eastern United States– all from its modest facility down a long rural road deep in southern Delaware’s farm country.

And from its new fabrication shop in Hatfield, PA.

And from its new fabrication shop in Memphis, TN.

And from its new fabrication shop in Manila, Philippines. It all started in 1992 with engineer William Lo’s dream of business ownership and a Wall Street Journal ad – “Business for Sale” – advertising a Delmar based  steel fabrication facility for sale. And it could have ended there, too. It was impossible for Lo to secure the conventional bank... Read More