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Access to Capital, Real Estate Elevates Melimar to the Next Level in Exporting

Melimar Company, Inc. has been a supplier of spare parts and equipment for the mining, banana, beverage, paper and plastics industries in Latin America since 1994.
When Marco Munera started Melimar Company, Inc. - 22 years ago - his first transaction was for a brass nozzle that he sold from a room in his New Jersey house to a Colombian importer. Marco’s problem? He didn’t have the money to buy it and ship it! So, like many other start-up business owners, he borrowed $50.00 from a family friend to makehis first sale. Marco also borrowed his father-in-law’s credit cards to purchase inventory and decided to share an office with a friend.
Initially, Melimar catered to banana growers and the beverage industry in Colombia, but then, expanded their salesto Ecuador and Venezuela. Today, Melimar also serves the mining industry, paper mills, plastic, forestry, fertilizer, steel manufacturing, engineering companies and ports in countries like Chile, Peru, Panama, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Bolivia, Brazil and México. Business was looking good so Melimar moved to Florida in 2004.
Sales continued to grow to the point that it needed to purchase a property to fit its needs. Over the years, Melimar has built an excellent reputation built on trust and respect withall of its clients, which has enabled them to become a supplier to multinational corporations. That was a great achievement for Marco and Diana Munera, the husband and wife team behind Melimar’s success.
“When we started with SBA we were a total of 3 - my wife, my father-in-law and me. Now, we are 10 and hoping, by early next year, to add another employee.” Melimar is a long time user of the Export Working Capital Program (EWCP) which has helped them to increase revenue, “Because it gives us a peace of mind to go and offer various products and services which increase sales. We don't have to worry about how we are going to fill the orders from our clients because the money is there to finance them.”
When Melimar first received their EWCP, the company was invoicing less than $1 million per year. Now, they’re on track to sell $6 Million for 2016. “For us, this is a great accomplishment.” Melimar also received an SBA 504 real estate loan to purchase the building. “We are really blessed to have an excellent team and to count on the support of the SBA.”
Company Name: 
Melimar Company, Inc.
Tampa, Florida