Undetectable, Infant-Veggie Feeding Solution Showcased during 2017 InnovateHER Competition

What possibly can a pediatrician and electrical engineer have in common? Besides extensive years of higher education and painstaking hours of research perfecting their craft, Hallandale Beach-natives Dr. Jamelah Tucker and Dr. Dorielle T. Price are not only sisters, but also co-founders of “EasyPeasie” Veggie Blends, a custom blend of all natural vegetable powders. 
“A pediatrician, an engineer, and a mother between us -- we Peas are natural problem-solvers and advocates for children and community,” said Tucker. “As family-oriented scientists and sisters, the two of us make a unique, high-energy team filled with fun, creative ideas, and precise execution.”
Jamelah D Tucker, MD, MPH is a pediatrician with a Master in Public Health and a special interest in nutrition who has operated a sole proprietor business as a contracting pediatric hospitalist for the past eight years. She has a decade of experience caring for pediatric patients and has received awards for her compassionate and collaborative approach to clinical work.  She works clinically as a pediatric hospitalist with contracts around the country from Alaska to Massachusetts. 
Dorielle T Price, PhD is an electrical engineer by training with experience working with the microelectrodes to measure the electrical characteristics of cancer cells.  She has authored articles, book chapters, and white papers and worked for Intel as a process engineer.
When confronted with the idea of returning back to work in the engineering field, Price found herself transitioning her infant to formula much earlier than expected.
The sisterly duo’s dried veggie recipes originated as a way to expose Price’s youngest baby to vegetable flavors during infancy. “The palate-priming that breastfed babies receive when exposed to various flavors of food was one of the few breastmilk benefits that we knew we could emulate, so we set out to prime his palate for vegetables!”
After multiple attempts at drying and grinding various vegetables, the duo had some success, but also lots of clogged bottle nipples! They continued to work on the drying recipes and finer and finer grinding until the blends worked well in liquids. At that time, the baby was also taking solids which was the first time they introduced the new products to his baby foods as well as her older son’s food.
“We continued to experiment with drying and grinding various vegetables, as well as vegetables in various combinations (always including peas because of their mild, slightly sweet taste and great nutritional value),” said Tucker. “We knew our combinations were successful when the kids’ continued to not be able to taste them! Though we didn’t know it at the time, our infant veggie experiment was also the infancy of EasyPeasie!”
EasyPeasie was not originally a commercial idea. The veggie blends come in two blends: regular — carrots, peas and butternut squash, and green — carrots, peas, sweet potatoes, kale, spinach. EasyPeasie is adding a seasonal red blend featuring beets and other vegetables. The blends can be cooked into foods, shaken on top or used in shakes and smoothies.
When friends and family began requesting the vegetable blends, the sisters decided – with much encouragement – to bring their idea to market.
“We got great start-up advice from meeting with SCORE mentors, including receiving a template for the first draft of our working business plan,” said Tucker. “Our SBA involvement continued when we happened upon the SBA’s InnovateHER contest in early 2017.  We also sought and received SBDC assistance to make a strong regional application.  In 2017, we were selected as one of ten national InnovateHER finalists!”
Over our last two years of sales, the business has built a “loyal and enthusiastic” customer base -- affectionately known as our “PeaPod.” 
“Excitement for our product has been evidenced to us in repeat sales, referrals to our business, endorsements by feeding specialists and other pediatricians, and much positive feedback on social media from our customers, mommy bloggers, and social media influencers,” said Tucker.
EasyPeasie has been highlighted as a “favorite thing” in nutrition and parenting magazines, and strives daily to share with families our tips on nutrition and mealtimes from the perspective of our pediatrician-mom team. 
“We Peas love talking to families about veggies and other choices for good nutrition.  In the two years that we’ve been in business, we’ve volunteered at school and fitness programs, health fairs, libraries, and food pantries.  This year, we will also be mentoring two students.”
What does the future hold for EasyPeasie?
We are laser-focused on building a brand and business centered on helping families create healthy and stress-free mealtimes.  As a mom and a pediatrician, we know in our hearts that this is important and impactful work.  We have found a treasured place in helping families with picky eaters, families of children with special needs and various feeding disorders, as well as amongst a cadre of adult customers who love our Blends for use in their smoothies and as an easy way to upgrade any meal on-the-go. 
We are connecting families that struggle at mealtimes by offering them a place where they can share stories, challenges, and successes, as well as what we call our “veggie-hacking” reciPEAS.  We are passionate about helping these and other families introduce kids to veggie flavors as early and as often as possible.

We are trailblazers in the concept of veggie palate-priming, and enjoy teaching families about it.  We offer encouragement to never give up on offering vegetables; as well as tricks and tips that have helped families attain veggie-success!

Company Name: 
Easy Peasie LLC
Hallendale Beach, Florida