Success Stories

What possibly can a pediatrician and electrical engineer have in common? Besides extensive years of higher education and painstaking hours of research perfecting their craft, Hallandale Beach-natives Dr. Jamelah Tucker and Dr. Dorielle T. Price are not only sisters, but also co-founders of “EasyPeasie” Veggie Blends, a custom blend of all natural vegetable powders.    “A pediatrician, an engineer, and a mother between us -- we Peas are natural problem-solvers and advocates for children and community,” said Tucker. “As family-oriented scientists and sisters, the two of us make a unique, high-energy team filled with fun, creative ideas, and precise execution.”   Jamelah D Tucker, MD, MPH is a pediatrician with a Master in Public Health and a special interest in nutrition who has operated a sole proprietor business as a contracting pediatric hospitalist for the past eight years. She has a decade of experience caring for pediatric patients and has received awards for her compassionate and... Read More

Edward Haynes has been in law enforcement for more than 30 years, having served as a U.S. Marine as well as the first black police officer in the Village of Miami Shores. His can-do attitude, gratitude and get-the-job-done aptitude clearly show through when he speaks. Haynes is the founder and CEO of Haynes Security Services with headquarters in the heart of Miami’s Liberty City neighborhood.

“We’re a boutique security company providing executive protection, armed and unarmed security services, as well as security technology solutions for all size businesses from residential to commercial,” Haynes said.

The business opened in 2011 and U.S. Rep. Frederica Wilson was among his first clients. Haynes Security Services has since expanded to provide security for real estate development companies, at events and the Miami-Dade Metrorail, which transports 1.6 million riders a week. His company also trains guards to obtain the appropriate licenses and certificates.

“I... Read More

Melimar Company, Inc. has been a supplier of spare parts and equipment for the mining, banana, beverage, paper and plastics industries in Latin America since 1994.   When Marco Munera started Melimar Company, Inc. - 22 years ago - his first transaction was for a brass nozzle that he sold from a room in his New Jersey house to a Colombian importer. Marco’s problem? He didn’t have the money to buy it and ship it! So, like many other start-up business owners, he borrowed $50.00 from a family friend to makehis first sale. Marco also borrowed his father-in-law’s credit cards to purchase inventory and decided to share an office with a friend.   Initially, Melimar catered to banana growers and the beverage industry in Colombia, but then, expanded their salesto Ecuador and Venezuela. Today, Melimar also serves the mining industry, paper mills, plastic, forestry, fertilizer, steel manufacturing, engineering companies and ports in countries like Chile, Peru, Panama, Guatemala, Nicaragua,... Read More
Julie Shipley, owner of The Soup Shop
Unable to satisfy her discerning taste for delicious steamy, savory soup, Julie Shipley armed herself with pots, pans, and a kitchen stocked with only the finest ingredients she could find. Recipe after recipe was tried and tested under her close “soupervision” until they passed a strict taste test.   Then Julie started out by catering to restaurants who loved her incredible, attitude-filled, bountiful bowls of gourmet, homemade soup goodness. With customers wanting more, the Soup Shop was born in 2009.   The Soup Shop story began in the back of a friend’s café on a ¾ table with 2 burners and a couple of pots,” said Shipley, who at that time found her recently attended cooking class did not truly prepare her for the mission she would embark upon.   Within a year, she was delivering weekly orders to 20 restaurants which required a larger facility. “Every week after cooking for restaurants, I had soup left over so I decided to see what would happen if I opened my door to the public and... Read More