Success Stories

Margaret Anglin, owner of Mr. Wireman, an electrical company, had been in business for 15 years before she came to the Florida Women’s Business Center.  The business was providing a livable income, Anglin was comfortable, but the business was not growing and was not moving forward.  In addition, she did not have a business or strategic plan, therefore she did not know whether there was a potential for growth nor how to make it happen.    When Anglin came to the FWBC and was asked if the business was certified, which it wasn’t; she was urged to become a vendor with the State of Florida and pursue certifications not only with the State but with Federal, County and local government.  But, self admittedly she didn’t take those directions.   “It wasn’t an easy task to start with. I came to Victoria, and she would give me instructions; but I kept thinking ‘I’m a small business, I can’t function in that space yet,’” said Anglin who credits growth strategies to FWBC Director Victoria Hughes... Read More
Jerry Bennett, owner of Privateer IT pictured with Patricia Simpson, a Government Contracting Specialist in Brevard County

Doing business with the government isn’t easy. In fact, it’s challenging on multiple levels, especially for small businesses. Jerry Bennett, CEO of Privateer IT, learned that when his bids for government contracts received no response whatsoever. Fortunately for Jerry, he found the Florida SBDC at UCF in Brevard County and was able to take advantage of the FSBDC’s Government Contracting Services.

Privateer IT is an information technology systems integrator founded in 2014 that recently begun supporting the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) and the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) as a sub-contractor. Privateer IT works with prime contractors like Booz Allen, Northrop Grumman, and Harris Corp and Favor Tech Consulting.

“Privateer IT strives to provide the best quality infrastructure, governance, consulting, and analysis of information and communication technologies to businesses and organizations,” said Bennett who operates the virtual company from his Melbourne... Read More

John Purland, owner of M. R. Crafts, Inc
When John Purland decided to depart his job as a college professor and pursue entrepreneurship, he brought with him years of business academia experience and a passion to succeed in the small business arena.   Founded in 2003, M. R. Crafts, Inc. is wholly owned by the service disabled veteran who is also a Florida-licensed general and roofing contractor, holds a Masters in Business Administration (MBA), and has collegiate-experience as a Professor in the school of business.   M. R. Crafts has a longstanding history of providing a complete range of procurement, consulting, engineering, processing, treatment, outsourcing, and management services. These services include water testing and calibration, water quality management and maintenance, water sampling and analysis, water tower disinfection, emergency water services, and Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point/Water Management Programs. The company also specializes in specific programs to eliminate water borne pathogens such as... Read More
Small business owner Diana Pierre-Louis
Small business owner Diana Pierre-Louis initially learned of the hidden jewels of Haiti – untouched areas, a beautiful culture, and warm, friendly people from listening to stories told by her husband and country-native, Endy.  After setting eyes on the country which is often portrayed as impoverished, the then-digital marketing specialist was determined to share all she could about the beauty of the country where her husband was born and raised.  "All I wanted to do was show people the beauty of what I experienced; now it has grown to be much more than I could've ever imagined.”   When the opportunity arose, Diana entered the Ministry of Tourism of Haiti’s contest to find a new slogan for their website; and to her surprise, her winning submission “Experience It” was then translated in Creole to “Se la pou’w la” to capture the emotions of first time visitors.   With her husband’s assistance and the desire to open a business that would match her skills as a digital marketing specialist... Read More