Success Stories

John Diaz Makes Big Hit In Industrial Supply Business

The Tampa, Fla., small business community has a designated hitter on their roster that is inspiring other entrepreneurs around south Florida.

Tampa’s Impact Industrial Supplies-owner John Diaz started down his career path as a supplier in tools, abrasives, adhesives and other supplies used in industry in the 1980’s.  His dedication and the way he treated customers quickly advanced him to area manager several years later.  But his career to a life altering turn when the company he worked for began to fail and long-time employees left for other jobs.   

“I saw the writing on the wall and I left.  The company is still in business there was a risk of closing.  I had no job and four-month-old baby twins at home,” said Diaz.  “I had considered a business before and the time to start was now.  I had great relationships  with customers and suppliers and thought by working at home, I would find the business-family stability I needed.” 

Diaz set out to continue his... Read More

South Florida Woman Small Business Owner Finds Success Through Fashion and Travel

When she graduated from West Virginia University (WVU) with a degree in business in 2002, Anu Madan was undecided what the next step in her life was It turned out the next step was onto a flight to Spain.

I didn’t know what to do so I traveled to Spain to study Spanish,” said Madan, the owner of Anukshah, an Indian-inspired resort and beachwear clothing wholesaler.  “I love to travel and I fell in love with Spain when I spent a summer in Europe as part of a business school exchange program at WVU.

Madan said her parents ran their own small business accounting firm near her alma mater but she wasn’t decided on entering the world of small business quite then. 

Though she mastered Spanish, the European adventure didn’t lead to any serendipitous revelations on a lifetime pursuit.  She returned to the U.S. and moved to Palm Beach, Fla. where she had family. 

“I enrolled in the Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale (AIFL) because I always loved fashion.  I never... Read More

Air Force Veteran Secures IT Systems with SBA’s Help

Giovanni Suarez has always been entrepreneurial, but it was his military experience that made the difference when he decided to strike out on his own.  He had been working for large defense contractor when he noticed the small business requirements the company needed to fulfill.  That observation, coupled with his unique capabilities, industry certification, and appropriate security clearances, coalesced into the idea to start his own business-- National Information Assurance Corporation (dba NIACORP)-- offering information assurance, communications security, and operational support primarily to the federal government and national defense organizations. 

As early as age six or seven, Mr. Suarez sold fruit from his grandfather’s farm, cleaned cars and helped his mother sell her baked goods just to have his own money.  A member of a large family, he always looked for ways to have funds of his own and was willing to work hard to accomplish his goals.  His parents say that even... Read More