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About Us

About Our Office: 

The Iowa District is responsible for the delivery of the SBA's many programs and services to the 99 counties in Iowa, consisting of 2.9 million Iowans and some 240,000 small businesses.

The entrepreneurial spirit is alive and growing as Iowa's economic resurgence continues. Over 98 percent of all businesses in the state are small businesses under the federal definition. Iowa has a national reputation as a leading insurance center and agribusiness center with more companies expanding and locating in the state each year. Two major interstates (I-80 and I-35) intersect Iowa, leading many businesses to locate along these major transportation corridors. Iowa has the nation's highest literacy rate and a high school graduation rate over 20 percent above the nation's norm. Many business owners find that Iowa's residents not only make excellent employees, but great neighbors as well.

The challenges facing the Iowa District include implementing the agency's economic development programs in a mostly rural state. To achieve success, the district works with federal and state agencies as well as county and local governments to provide communities with economic development programs throughout Iowa.