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A Leader in Technology

Tek-Hut, Inc. was founded in 2001 by Nate Bondelid and Dallas Gray with the goal of connecting people and delivering innovative technology. They specialize in comprehensive IT solutions while focusing on the needs of the education industry and local state agency technology needs.  With 95% of their customers based in education, Tek-Hut saw the strides being made to infuse technology into schools and the need for smaller districts and communities to have the same services as their larger metro neighbors.
In 2014, Tek-Hut began to offer services to Idaho school districts by providing access to the internet and appropriate software technology. Tek-Hut partners with every district to enhance the student learning environment and quality of work experience for classroom teachers. That same year, Tek-Hut received an express small business loan with an SBA approved lender to assist with the expansion of an advanced fiber optic network in Burley, Idaho. 

Within the first two-years, Tek-Hut became the largest provider of internet services to K-12 school districts in the entire state of Idaho. They continue to expand their network and infrastructure services throughout the U.S.  Tek-Hut’s continued commitment to improve access to technology throughout Idaho has led to their most recent project. Tek-Hut is currently building a state-of-the-art, high-speed fiber network for Vallivue School District. This includes 158,000 feet of fiber connecting 12 buildings and will serve 9,500 students.


Tek-Hut is very active in the community and has contributed to and donated to local youth programs. The firm also has a strong intern program that brings talent from many of the school districts they serve. While working in the education industry, Tek-Hut saw the opportunity for students to develop and apply the skills and concepts they learned in the classroom. Tek-Hut developed an internship program for area high school and college students to gain real-world technology industry experience. Since the program’s inception, 40 interns have cycled through the summer internship and three have gone on to work in a full-time capacity.


Nate Bondelid was also recognized as the SBA 2019 Idaho Small Business Person of the Year.

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