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A Passion to be Admired!

Dee Spainhower

Dee Spainhower has passion!  In a field that can make many people cringe, she has found joy and purpose.  Precision Accounting & Tax Service, LLC is nestled in the heart of Caldwell, Idaho where it services a diverse population with more than just accounting.  Precision Accounting covers the entire gamete of accounting but the main focus is educating customers.

 At seventeen-years-old, Dee Spainhower took her first Consumer Economics class in high school; she immediately fell in love with accounting.  “I knew this was what I wanted to do.  I kept thinking I can do this from my house,” said Dee.  What seemed like a childhood dream became a reality driven by a passion for accounting and the pleasure of helping others.

 After completing college, Dee started her career while homeschooling her daughter.  Dee was able to relate to her clients on a personal level and build trust—“We don’t just ask people drop off their information, we actually sit down with them to understand their questions and learn about their lifestyle.  It is our job to teach people how to keep more of their own money—the money they have worked so hard for,” beamed Dee.  Through word-of-mouth referrals, Dee’s business flourished.    She spent her day’s homeschooling her daughter and her evenings working her business.  She worked until 9:00 pm every night and on Sundays.  Her first year in business she processed everything by hand; “By year two we had software,” chuckled Dee.

 Precision Accounting has seen tremendous growth since start-up in January 1998.  Dee conducted business out of her living room until 2006 when her daughter left for college.  She and her husband briefly discussed opening an office outside of their home but they realized they would not be willing to dedicate the same amount of working hours if they could not be near family, “We can’t work until 11:00 pm or on weekends if our office is not at home.”  So the decision was final, Dee’s husband built her an office at home. Today, Precision Accounting & Tax Service supports three employees and they are growing.

 Last November, Dee decided to attend a marketing event put on by the Idaho Women’s Business Center.  “Oh my goodness, that opened my world!  That was the best marketing event.  I got so much information that was applicable to me and my business,” Dee boasted.  She also connected with the Small Business Development Center and found incredible benefits from her time with mentor Bill Boyer and tech guru Kim Sherman-Labrum.  In fact, Dee is so devoted to her business and her clients that she is working with U.S. Small Business Administration’s Irene Gonzalez to build a workshop series to educate her small business clients.

 “I work 18 hours a day.  Last year, I logged 1500 hours by May 1st.  I don’t do this for a paycheck—I do this to help people.  I love what I do.  I make a difference.”  Dee Spainhower has passion to be admired.

Company Name: 
Precision Accounting & Tax Service, LLC
Caldwell, Idaho