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Welcome to Enrique’s

A picture of Enrique Contreras and Ana Paz

Enrique’s Mexican Restaurant in Kuna has captured the hearts and appetites of the Treasure Valley communities.  Enrique Contreras and Ana Paz have owned their restaurant since 1999.  Originally known as El Gallo Giro the couple renamed the restaurant Enrique’s in 2014.  The restaurant’s success can be attributed to the strong community support offered by Contreras and Paz, not to mention the welcoming, family atmosphere that permeates from staff to customer.  A true gem of Kuna, Enrique’s Mexican Restaurant was built with hard work and unrelenting ambition.

As a child, Contreras began to develop his business acumen at his parent’s restaurant in Mexico.  He gained valuable experience that established the foundation for success in his own restaurant.  “I have experience in all positions.  I have been a busser, server, bartender, prep and line cook, kitchen manager, and ultimately general manager,” said Contreras.  Enrique had spent 10 years working for El Gallo Giro of Garden City when the owner asked him to open and manage a new location in Kuna with an opportunity to purchase in the future.  With Paz as his partner, Contreras was able to buy the new location within the first year of business. “We have worked in restaurant businesses our whole lives,” adds Paz, “we have tried to take the good things from each business and not repeat the mistakes of others.” Together, they are creating their own American Dream. 

Many business owners struggle to find a balance between building their business and building a lifestyle. Paz can proudly say they are accomplishing both.  This family owned business supports their lifestyle of love, generosity, and ambition.  Contreras and Paz try to reinvest in their business whenever and wherever it is needed.  “Our main goal was to keep the business thriving and this primarily means a reinvestment of our earnings,” said Paz.  Contreras and Paz spend most days at their beloved restaurant helping with operations and talking to customers.  Paz feels that Enrique’s Mexican Restaurant is successful in large part due to the people of Kuna and they want to maintain their family atmosphere. On a weekend night, Contreras and Paz will welcome 450 to 500 guests into their restaurant and keep a staff of over 80 employees to make sure no one’s needs are overlooked. 

Contreras and Paz have made a career out of achieving their goals and being open to new opportunities.  In 2005, Contreras and Paz expanded their restaurant to include a food truck which has proven to be a profitable venture.  Not hindered by fear, Contreras and Paz take educated risks; they have successfully launched a catering division to their restaurant and also established an event center where a dilapidated building once sat.  Their next endeavor is to move Enrique’s Mexican Restaurant to a bigger location.  Recently purchased, the new plaza will expand the restaurant’s footprint and create a village environment for the community to enjoy.  “Our customers will be treated to outdoor patio space, a sand volleyball court, views of the creek, music and perhaps even art shows,” states Enrique. They continue to raise the bar for their business and it shows!

As pillars in their community, Contreras and Paz take great pride in being involved with, and supporting the growth of, Kuna. They have served on the Kuna Chamber of Commerce for over 15 years, the Downtown Revitalization Committee, the Kuna Economic Development Committee, and Enrique is a Planning and Zoning Commissioner. Contreras and Paz also donate to a number of local organizations and various community functions. 


This power duo is being nationally recognized by the U.S. Small Business Administration as the 2016 Idaho Small Business Persons of the Year.  Staying humble, Contreras and Paz insist “This job is fun!” It’s like we get to eat dinner with our friends every night.”  With an outlook like that, who wouldn’t want to support a local business that seems more like family?

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Enrique's Mexican Restaurant
Kuna, Idaho