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Yoga in the Hood

Take a step towards friendship, healing, and fitness with YOGA in the HOOD.  Shannon Wells Femenia has been teaching and studying yoga for over 25 years, and she has been providing the Treasure Valley with a very quaint, intimate yoga practice since 2008.  Shannon’s appreciation for yoga, and her desire to increase the wellness and happiness of others, is apparent in her educational and sensitive approach to instruction.

Shannon built a strong following at her first studio in Sacramento, California in 1997.  She “trail blazed” power-based yoga and spent much of her time mastering various practices.  After the birth of her son, Shannon relocated to Boise, Idaho with her husband.  She started practicing yoga out of her home soon after settling in the charming Hidden Springs community.  YOGA in the HOOD offers a very unique and inviting environment.  As you enter the front door and venture up the stairway, you are visually motivated by a gallery of awesome yoga poses.  At the top of the stairs, you are whisked away into a comfortable, encouraging studio where soft music lifts near silence and you can “uncover your true nature with empowerment, compassion, and some tough love if needed, as support.”

As her Boise following progressed, Shannon felt herself being pulled to open a new studio.  Almost immediately, she found a charming location in the heart of Boise.  In 2014, Shannon received a loan guarantee from the SBA to purchase and restore what will soon be the new home of YOGA in the HOOD.  With construction underway, Shannon hopes to open her new doors on October 1, 2014, “I truly appreciate the assistance I have received from the SBA to grow my Boise practice.  I am excited to offer an intimate, supportive yoga studio where the environment is focused on wisdom, openness, and joy.”

Where there is a will there is a way.  YOGA in the HOOD is an excellent example of how nurturing a small business can lead to incredible growth.  From a small home studio to the active down town scene, Shannon is bringing a lot of inner peace to the Treasure Valley with SBA assistance.

Company Name: 
Yoga In The Hood
514 N. 16th, Boise, ID 83702