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Success Stories

After more than a century of success, Frigid Fluid Company of Northlake, Illinois, exemplifies the talent and innovation of U.S. manufacturers, exporters and family-owned businesses.

Founded in 1892, Frigid Fluid is a well-known brand in the funeral and cemetery industry. From its earliest days, Frigid Fluid manufactured and marketed quality embalming fluids and cemetery supplies. In 1916, Frigid Fluid was credited with popularizing the first automatic casket lowering device, and has continued its tradition of innovation since then. Today, Brian Yeazel, the fifth-generation owner and executive of the firm, has charted a new course for the company’s growth, especially abroad, and has utilized SBA’s programs and partners to help him reach his goals.

As early as 1968, Frigid Fluid’s leaders knew that exporting could mean nearly unlimited sales growth, and the company made its first international sale to South Africa that year. Since then, the company has shipped its... Read More

Pactrans Air & Sea, Inc. (Pactrans) participation in STEP China Logistics Trade Mission of June 2012 was a resounding success.  The trade mission not only allowed Pactrans to expand its global business network, but it also allowed it to increase its visibility in the logistics and transportation community.  


As part of Illinois Logistics and Transportation business group, Pactrans had the opportunity to meet new business partners, clients, vendors and other transportation and logistics agents from all over the world.  In addition, Pactrans signed new cooperation agreements and were involved in strategic business planning with new partners.  


During the trade mission, Pactrans met with manufacturers and various international trade companies.  By taking the opportunity to learn more about their products, services, and their needs, Pactrans armed itself with pertinent information which made it easier to network more effectively with local... Read More