Success Stories

Rosemily Geyer

INDIANAPOLIS, IN ----- Rosemily Geyer for many years was a highly successful Certified Public Accountant in a top global accounting firm. But by asking one question, Rosemily found herself at a turning point in her life – she had the chance to live her dream and become a small business owner.

In 2011 the Fire Protection Company Rosemily’s brother-in-law worked for was closing. At the time, the company had several contracts with companies such as Crane and Toyota that would be lost or placed out for rebid. Instead Rosemily approached her brother-in-law and asked, “So what do you think about going into business together?” When she received the reply, “absolutely,” Rosemily saw her opportunity. In short order she began to research, trying as fast as she could to learn everything about small business ownership, fire protection, contracting and all the nuances that go into it. She continued to work her full-time job at the accounting firm for three years until ultimately, with... Read More

Advantage One Image Center

In 1979, Tim Cooney realized his dream of entrepreneurship when he opened a store in Columbus, Indiana specializing in retail sales of cameras and dark room equipment. Thanks to a $36,000 SBA-guaranteed loan from Columbus Bank and Trust, Cooney opened T&M Camera. Thirty-six years and two new business plans and name changes later, Cooney shares his knowledge of modifying your business to stay relevant. 

In the early 80’s, the local camera stores were the places to go if you were in the market for a new camera. The cameras were not user-friendly like we are all used to today. The local salesman not only sold you the camera, but he was your instructor. Tim spent a good majority of his day teaching customers on how to take and develop photographs. That all changed in 1987. Pentax was the first manufacture to introduce computing chips into the personal camera making them more user-friendly. Also, big box stores, like Service Merchandise began offering cameras at a better... Read More

Small Business Owner Finds E-commerce Niche

Paul Saunders, owner of, chose the e-commerce business model to sell luxury bed and bath linens. By using the internet, he takes the product to the buyer rather than trying to bring the buyer to the product.

This is Saunders second successful venture in e-commerce. He started his first e-commerce business in South Texas when he was an active-duty Marine. There he approached a local pro-golf shop about selling their stagnant merchandise for a percentage of the e-commerce sales. His success with this venture encouraged him to continue to pursue e-commerce opportunities. In 2009, Saunders launched in a garage in Evansville, IN using the same e-commerce strategy.

In preparation for a planned expansion of, Saunders sought counsel from the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA). Saunders received comprehensive guidance to help him plan the growth of his business through SBA's resource partner, the Southwest... Read More

Pigs Can Fly All The Way to China

Whiteshire Hamroc LLC, a third generation family hog farm located in Noble County, has transformed itself into one of the leaders in hog genetics.  They are the world’s largest breeders of registered Yorkshire, Landrace & Duroc hogs.  These hogs are pure bred to create a “high health” animal that is very disease resistant.

Whiteshire patented AirWorks®, an innovative building and ventilation system.  The system works by fresh air being directed downward through the floor, which provides the hogs with cleaner air and ventilation. China is one of several countries to benefit from the system.  Pork is the primary source of protein in China and with the large population they need to insure that they maintain quality food sources.  These structures will enable the Chinese to reduce the death rate of all the pigs as well as increasing the production efficiency, which will increase its pork supply and save costs.

Whiteshire’s hogs also aid the health care industry.  By... Read More