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Success Stories


Jesse Camacho came to the U.S mainland from Puerto Rico with his family in 1968.  They settled in the South Bronx.  His family had an entrepreneurial spirit…his dad had a grocery store in PR, and when they came to the U.S., Jesse’s dad instilled that entrepreneurial spirt in his children to work hard, take advantage of opportunity, and become the American Dream.

How the SBA helped

Jesse took his dad’s words and actions to heart.  After graduating from college, he worked selling cleaning products for a major distributor throughout Indiana.  Times became tough for Jesse and his young family when the company was sold, and Jesse was laid off.  That’s when he turned his bedroom into an office and used his connections to continue his sales career.  He began dreaming of expansion—hiring his own crews to clean the huge office spaces in Indianapolis.  But Jesse didn’t know how to get his foot in the door.

“I saw potential,” Jesse said, “but I didn’t... Read More


Located in the Crossroads of America, Maurice Dunn owns the successful Indianapolis-based MBE construction management firm The Carpenter’s Son.  To say Dunn’s childhood  in the crossroads was the opposite of  what most consider the American Dream is an understatement.

"I didn’t have my father in my life," Dunn said.  "I had my mother in and out of my life.  I missed fifth grade, sixth grade, seventh grade, I lived in abandoned buildings, ate food out of the trash can, drank out of the fire hydrant, lost my baby brother to the City of Chicago…(I’ve) just been through a lot of bad things in terms of my youth."

One might assume that a boy with this kind of background would never succeed. 

But he did. 


Because he had mentors.

"Some of the most influential people in my life are guys like Reggie Jones and Tim Harris," Dunn explains.  "Reggie Jones is the owner of McDonald’s and my first job was at McDonalds.  He took me... Read More

Every other Tuesday retired PepsiCo executive and SCORE volunteer Tim Martin brings a unique big business perspective to a group of successful Indiana small business owners who hope to learn how to more effectively grow their companies.  Martin teaches the SBA’s Emerging Leaders program.

Emerging Leaders is a free training program implemented by the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) which offers small business owners powerful benefits and learning experiences including innovative growth strategies, financing know-how, access to new markets and networking with peers.  The seven-month program is for established small businesses that have been in business for at least three years with revenues between $400,000 to $10 million per year.  This is the third year that the SBA Indiana District Office has offered Emerging Leaders, and District Director Stacey Poynter says this intense “mini-MBA” style training is a great way for entrepreneurs to take the next step forward.... Read More

For Chris Walls, it all began with a love for maps.

“I always loved maps.  When we were in the car when I was growing up, I was always looking at where we were going.”

Walls says his favorite maps were made by Rand McNally, who was the premier publisher of paper maps and atlases in the United States.   Being on the road with his family taught Walls an important thing—geology doesn’t change, but with the evolution of tech, how maps were presented to consumers had to.  So, Walls went to Indiana University, obtained a degree in geology and began a career in Geographic Information Systems.

Geographic Information Systems, or GIS, is computerized mapping.  It takes all the information needed for a flat paper map; coordinates, topography, roads, etc.; and inputs it online.  As Walls says, working in GIS, “is kind of like being immersed in Rand McNally, and creating it for the 21st Century.”

After school, Walls worked as a GIS Tech at the Indiana Geological... Read More