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Creating Safety and Efficacy in the Biotherapeutic Industry

B2S Life Sciences is a biotherapeutic enablement company advancing improved analytical methods and outcomes for developers of biotherapeutic drugs and diagnostics.

What does that mean?

B2S Life Sciences develops tests. Pharmaceutical and biotech companies use these tests to ensure “safety and efficacy” to meet FDA regulatory guidelines for the biotherapeutic drugs and diagnostics they develop.  These drugs and diagnostics include ways for diabetics to take insulin without shots, drugs that will help a person's body fight its own cancer, and gene therapy to help Alzheimer's patients.

B2S started as a life sciences consulting firm in 2002.  By 2013, they knew they wanted to expand so B2S approached the Central Indiana Small Business Development Center (SBDC) in Indianapolis for help with their business plan. Chief Executive Officer Aleks Davis said this decision proved to be extremely valuable.

"SBDC helped us fine-tune our strategy," Davis said.  "They also introduced us to a wealth of resources such as finance and logistics institutions and export organizations."

In 2015, B2S added lab services to their life and became B2S Life Sciences.  They purchased an historic building in Franklin, Indiana and began rehabbing the space for their headquarters.  By 2018, B2S grew from 3 to 35 employees and increased their sales by over 650%. And, Davis said, that through an introduction from the SBDC, B2S began working with the Purdue University Manufacturing Extension Partnership's ExporTech Program. 

"Life Sciences is a global industry," Davis said.  "When you do drug development, you do it globally.  Some of the biggest biotherapeutic developers in the world are in Germany, France, and the United Kingdom," he said.

Currently, B2S Life Sciences exports to 12 nations around the world.  Over one-third of their revenue comes from services they export outside of the United States.  Davis said he expects that number to grow as they work through the US Commercial Service Gold Key Program, a Department of Commerce exporting initiative which matches US based companies with interested partners in foreign markets.  Davis hopes that the program will help B2S "get our name out there," by allowing access to US Embassies in key countries with strong biotherapeutic drug and diagnostic development companies. 

Company Name: 
B2S Life Sciences
Franklin, Indiana