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Family Business Develops Ninja Skills with SBA Assets

Wright Gymnastics Academy opened in 1975 in suburban Indianapolis when Casey Wright’s parents, local educators Bob and Dana, decided to take the plunge into teaching tot tumbling full time.  As the business grew, Casey’s parents utilized SBA financing to purchase their first building in the early 1980s. 

Casey grew up in the business and was an extremely successful competitive gymnast.  When she wasn’t training, Casey was working and soaking up the entrepreneurial skills she would need to manage the business on her own.

Casey purchased the family business in 2006.  Since that time, Casey has used three SBA Express Program loans to grow Wright Gymnastics from two to six academies.  She also developed a new brand—NinjaZone--which includes curriculum development, coaching, and licensing.  NinjaZone licensing has taken off, and allowed Casey to teach cartwheels and whole-body development to over 200,000 children in eight different countries.  The success of NinjaZone has also allowed her to build the net worth of her company from $2 million in 2015 to over $11.5 million in 2018.

Connecting with the community at the neighborhood level is a purpose Casey is passionate about.  Taking the idea of giving back to the next level, Casey developed Ninja Gives Back—a community “sprinkle” which connects a percentage of NinjaZone profits to causes that her employees choose as being close to their hearts.  In addition to the local level, Ninjas Give Back is encouraged nationally among NinjaZone’ s 300 licensed locations reaching communities all over the United States.

Casey has worked diligently with the Central Indiana Small Business Development Center since 2013, and credits them with helping her with strategic finance planning during growth of her business.  She is excited to continue her relationship with them as she explores expanded exporting opportunities for the NinjaZone brand.

Company Name: 
Wright Gymnastics Academy & NinjaZone LLC
Indianapolis, Indiana