Success Stories

Indiana Entrepreneur Expands Indiana Commerce in the Asian Market


Scott Yaeger spent many years working for, and as a consultant for business that sold scientifically technical products to major industries throughout the world.  He was a smart guy, who was known in the industry as someone who could take failing companies and turn them around.  In 2004, he began a consulting firm which distributed Parker-Hannifin’s Electrocoat Ultrafiltration products exclusively and supplied water filtration products throughout the world.  These products were especially important to the automotive industry because they made sure there were no bubbles or particles lodged in the paint of new cars. By 2009, Scott wanted to expand.  He wanted to build a proto-type shop where his teams could create better water filtration technology that could be used for multiple purposes world-wide.  To do this, Scott needed working capital to buy buildings and machines. 

How the SBA helped... Read More

CSCI Consulting

Michele Meyer always dreamed of owning her own business because she “wanted to create something and be successful.”  After college, Michele Meyer worked in corporate America as a consultant.  She clocked endless hours of overtime for bosses who hardly ever said thank you, much less took the time to listen to her, or anyone else’s suggestions for process and/or client satisfaction improvement.  As she continued her journey in corporate America, she met a small business owner who was taking advantage of several SBA services.  This small business owner introduced Michele to a an attorney who helped her incorporate a company, and to a team of contracting, financing, and resource experts at the SBA Indiana District Office who would, over the years, help her start, grow, and expand her business.


In 2002, Michele began Creative Solutions Consulting Incorporated (CSCI Consulting) in the basement of her Indianapolis home.  She had one client, a $... Read More

CapeAble Weighted Products

Created by two Indiana moms, CapeAble Weighted Products designs, manufactures, and sells weighted blankets, weighted wearables, and non-weighted sensory enrichment tools that address a variety of symptoms of stress and anxiety, as well as Autism, Attention Deficit Disorder, Down Syndrome, Parkinson’s Disease, and mental health conditions. The innovative products calm, soothe, focus and delight.


In 2014, Marna Pacheco and Susan Hickok created CapeAble Weighted Products with a goal to design, produce, and distribute weighted sensory products using a new patent pending technology which distributed weight evenly and consistently, providing constant contact with nerves.  They also wanted to make CapeAble products attractive, and something consumers would want to have displayed in their home or use out in public without a sense of stigma.  CapeAble applied for patents, trademarked two phrases; “Smart Weight™” and “Science behind... Read More
Shelice and Michael Tolbert of Tolbert & Tolbert LLC, Gary, Indiana

Shelice and Michael Tolbert met in middle school.  They had some of the same friends, went to some of the same parties, but it never crossed either of their young minds that one day they would grow up, marry, and open a successful law practice in their Northwestern Indiana town of Gary.  At least not until Shelice started hitching rides with Michael to and from Valparaiso University where they both attended law school. 

After law school, Shelice and Michael took prestigious jobs with high profile firms in Chicago.  They got married.  But there was one subject where their conversations kept turning.

“We always talked about having a law firm in the city where we grew up,” Shelice said.

Even though Gary is the ninth largest city in Indiana, since the middle of the 20th century it has seen a population loss of over 55 percent.  This is due to the spiraling fall of US Steel Gary Works, which was the primary employer in the city.  As US Steel continued to draw down,... Read More