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Pigs Can Fly All The Way to China

Pigs Can Fly All The Way to China

Whiteshire Hamroc LLC, a third generation family hog farm located in Noble County, has transformed itself into one of the leaders in hog genetics.  They are the world’s largest breeders of registered Yorkshire, Landrace & Duroc hogs.  These hogs are pure bred to create a “high health” animal that is very disease resistant.

Whiteshire patented AirWorks®, an innovative building and ventilation system.  The system works by fresh air being directed downward through the floor, which provides the hogs with cleaner air and ventilation. China is one of several countries to benefit from the system.  Pork is the primary source of protein in China and with the large population they need to insure that they maintain quality food sources.  These structures will enable the Chinese to reduce the death rate of all the pigs as well as increasing the production efficiency, which will increase its pork supply and save costs.

Whiteshire’s hogs also aid the health care industry.  By the hogs being considered high health and raised under a Quality Management System their bladder linings and other tissues are primarily used for human soft tissue repair, such as diabetic skin healing or hernia repair.  The tissue from their hogs lead to faster healing and recovery in patients that have required skin replaced from surgeries and or injuries to their bodies.

They have exported high value breeding stock pigs to 22 different countries around the world and built AirWorks® buildings in four countries.  Currently they employ 50 and are looking at adding another 15-20 employees within the next 6-12 months.

Whiteshire Hamroc received an Export Working Capital Program (EWCP) loan from the U.S. Small Business Administration’s (SBA) guaranty loan program. The program allowed them to purchase and produce components for AirWorks®.  It also paid for testing and quarantine of live animal breeding stock prior to exporting them to their foreign customers.  “The $2,500,000 loan has been a benefit to our normal working line of credit which has been strained domestically by high price of feed and other inputs necessary to raise pigs and crops,” said Rebecca Schroder, President. 

The SBA Export Working Capital Program (EWCP) assists exporters seeking short-term export working capital. To find out more about this program contact the SBA Indiana District Office (317) 226-7272 or visit www.sba.gov/in

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