Success Stories

Andover Exhibit Firm Opening Doors to Success

Stacy Edmundson is the owner of Red Door Three, LLC, an Andover (KS) based company that offers custom trade show exhibits, modular displays, kiosks, interior walls and traveling exhibits. The company handles the entire process for clients, from design to manufacturing and final installation.

Edmundson started her career working in sales, and for many years thrived selling for Feist Yellow Pages. Her first introduction into the exhibit industry came in 2006 when one of her Yellow Page accounts, an exhibit company, offered her a sales job.

Edmundson excelled at selling for the company that designed and produced trade show displays and exhibits manufactured by Nimlok. In fact, when Edmundson closed the deal on the largest exhibit contract in the company’s 18 year history, she won Nimlok’s national sales award. The exhibit project was an educational piece for K – 5 grade students called the Body Venture, a 45-by-50foot... Read More

A Mission-oriented Home Healthcare Business Experiencing Growth

Registered nurse Cecilia Wambugu-Davis thought her years of running a home health care business were over after her business partnership dissolved in 2013. “I was devastated when my business partnership fell apart, and I didn’t know what to do next,” said Cecilia.

One of Cecilia’s employees did believe in her and encouraged her to apply her 18 years’ worth of experience and skills in home health management to another venture where she could continue doing what she loves, namely patient care. Patrick Mwangi had worked for Cecilia as a finance manager for seven years. After Cecilia’s business partnership dissolved, he reached out to encourage her to start a new company based on a more holistic business model that focuses on employee teamwork and quality patient care.

“Patrick kept encouraging me, and after a while, we met to start planning a new business,” said Cecilia. Over the course of eight... Read More

PWI, Inc., formerly known as Precision Winding, Inc., was founded in 1963 by Miklos (Miki) Lorik.  Years earlier, Miki fled the Hungarian Revolution of 1956 along with his soon to be wife and her family to build a better life in Wichita, Kansas. While working for a company that manufactured airplane instruments, Miki realized the company’s supplier of wire-wound resisters could not make them to match the electrical resistance specifications needed. So, to solve the problem,  Miki modified his wife’s sewing machine to begin his coil winding business, creating small, precision wire-wound resisters. As his own business began to grow, Miki purchased more modern and advanced winding machines.

PWI began to expand into the electronic manufacturing business and pioneered Complete Cold Cathode Fluorescent Lighting Systems for aircraft in 1972. The custom-made lamps were manufactured in-house to meet the customers’ exact needs. PWI then purchased a product line from Friskam Infinetics... Read More

While Kurt Schmidt was studying at the University of Kansas in the mid-1990’s he worked at Papa Keno’s, a pizza restaurant owned by a fellow Kapaun Mt. Carmel Catholic High School alumnus. He fell in love with making great pizza and the restaurant business. “People may think that making pizza is simple,” said Schmidt. “While the ingredients may seem basic, there is nothing easy about making a great tasting pizza,” Schmidt added.

Schmidt never forgot the days of working at Papa Keno’s or how to make a great New York style thin crust pizza. “I think I drove my wife nuts sometimes just talking about it,” laughed Schmidt. “I knew that someday I would start-up my own pizza place that offered the East Coast style thin crust slices I love.”

Dream Made Into a Reality

Schmidt’s dream of opening his own pizza place came true when a friend who worked for Weigand Real Estate showed Schmidt two available commercial properties in the Delano area of Wichita in early 2012.  ... Read More