A Mission-oriented Home Healthcare Business Experiencing Growth

A Mission-oriented Home Healthcare Business Experiencing Growth

Registered nurse Cecilia Wambugu-Davis thought her years of running a home health care business were over after her business partnership dissolved in 2013. “I was devastated when my business partnership fell apart, and I didn’t know what to do next,” said Cecilia.

One of Cecilia’s employees did believe in her and encouraged her to apply her 18 years’ worth of experience and skills in home health management to another venture where she could continue doing what she loves, namely patient care. Patrick Mwangi had worked for Cecilia as a finance manager for seven years. After Cecilia’s business partnership dissolved, he reached out to encourage her to start a new company based on a more holistic business model that focuses on employee teamwork and quality patient care.

“Patrick kept encouraging me, and after a while, we met to start planning a new business,” said Cecilia. Over the course of eight months, Cecilia and Patrick created a business plan from scratch. Cecilia had the healthcare management knowledge, and Patrick brought his financial acumen to the table. “We had complementary skills and knowledge that really helped us cover all of the necessary parts of our plan,” said Cecilia. “Both of us have the desire to properly care for patients and a passion to do it the right way. It gave me a second opportunity to do what I love to do: provide great health care,” she continued.

“I also knew what I didn’t want to do, and that was work in an unfriendly environment. Patrick and I wanted to create a home health care business that emphasizes on a healthy work environment and encourages teamwork among our employees,” said Cecilia.

Dream Realized

Providence Home Health & Hospice, LLC was formed in February 2014. The business provides Home health and Hospice services for patients living at home and in long-term facilities in the Wichita and surrounding counties.

We incorporated the word “Providence” in our company name because it refers to our belief that God will provide the way. “Our company logo depicts a dove inside a red heart that symbolizes the peace and passion that we bring to our healthcare business,” said Cecilia.

In order to obtain accreditation from the state and the Community Health Accreditation Program, Inc. (CHAP), the business needed to have its processes and practices reviewed. Cecilia and Patrick self-financed their operation at the beginning. When Providence Home Health and Hospice received its accreditation, they had 27 patients being cared for by 10 employees.

 In order to continue to grow their home health care business, they needed financing. After visiting a few local banks, they were introduced to Tonya Miller a loan officer at Emprise Bank. Ms. Miller reviewed their business plans and financials and was impressed. “We knew the market demand was strong enough to double the size of our business, and new financing could help us execute our marketing plan,” said Patrick. Tonya Miller recommended SBA 7(a) loan financing, and the loan was approved.

Steady Growth

In March 2016, Providence Home Health & Hospice LLC, began to offer hospice services for patients. The hospice services provided a continuum of care for existing and new patients living in their private homes, assisted living facilities, long-term facilities, comfort homes, and nursing homes. “We are now looking forward to expanding again by offering palliative care and private duty as well,” explained Patrick.

When asked for any advice they would give to an entrepreneur interested in starting their own business, Cecilia and Patrick reflected on how important it is to feel a sense of passion and deep purpose in what you are attempting to accomplish. “Don’t start a business as a way to earn more money,” said Cecilia. “Rather the focus should be on your purpose and passion in what you do.  I believe our lender, Ms. Miller understood our deeper purpose in what we were trying to do with our business,” she continued. Patrick and Cecilia also stated the importance of hiring the right staff that would buy into their vison.

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