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Wichita District Office Success Stories

Wichita District Office Success Stories

ReJuvv Spa storefront in Winfield, Kansas

Opportunities present themselves as consumers demand changes.

After 16 years in the day spa business, Tracie Gordon began noticing a pattern of change – patterns of opportunity that kept presenting themselves to her small business. Several times a day, she would hear clients say, “I wish I could change this – or do something about that”, often referring to skin conditions that would require more than her current day spa offered. After listening to clients and noticing the same needs, Tracie began investigating the process of transforming her day spa into a medical spa and the opportunity to help people on a different level.

To make the transformation, she recognized that she needed to restructure the business to find the best modalities for clients seeking services and do it in a way that would continue to grow her already successful business.

She reached out in 2013 to CowleyFirst, an economic development partner in the Winfield, Kansas area, and was referred to Jason Cole, a Kansas Small Business Development Center (KSBDC) consultant at Cowley College in Arkansas City.

Tracie knew that it would take a new business and operations structure to support any changes made to the business. It would take a new plan, as well as an expanded team of support, to move forward.

It was challenging to find market information and predict revenues on a business model (medical spa) that are typically not found in a smaller rural market like Winfield, Kansas. But together, Tracie and Jason with added assistance from Ross Jordan, a KSBDC consultant at WSU, pulled together market projections that were both comfortable and attainable for Tracie’s needs. The team worked on a plan based on solid cash flow projections, with several strategies to retain and grow both revenue and profits, consistently over time.

In 2013, Tracie expanded her business under the new name: ReJuvv’ Spa. With a solid plan in place, Tracie was able to obtain the financing she needed to expand her operations through an Entrepreneur Community Loan.  She was able to double her square footage and remodel her facility to reflect the high-quality medical spa experience she now offers at ReJuvv’ Spa.

ReJuvv’ Spa continues to grow beyond the original projections that she and her Kansas SBDC team created. The staff at ReJuvv’ has grown comfortable with their new roles in the medical spa, and clients are now taking advantage of both traditional aesthetic services – as well as the new medical spa services.

ReJuvv’ Spa’s growth supported the hiring of additional therapists and employees to meet the expanding needs of their clients.

Tracie shared with the Kansas SBDC what she believes is the secret to her success:

“Having a passion for what I do. Having the ability to help people feel better and be more productive. Treating others the way I would want to be treated.”

What advice would she give to someone thinking about starting a business today? “Do research and make sure you have a team of people smarter than you surrounding you and helping you make important business decisions.”

We know that she practices what she shares. Paying close attention to her clients, listening, and then evolving her business, allowed her to seize more opportunities at ReJuvv’ Spa.

You can learn more about ReJuvv’ Spa on Facebook or by calling 620-221-4772.