About Us

About Our Office: 

The District Office is responsible for the delivery of SBA's programs and services throughout Kentucky.

Services Available

Over the years, the SBA has developed many small business loan and assistance programs, special outreach efforts and initiatives to aid and inform small businesses. The following describes briefly all the services and information available through this office:

  • Financial assistance for new or existing businesses through guaranteed loans made by area bank and non-bank lenders. The Kentucky District Office has seen a significant increase in SBA guaranteed loans over the years to small businesses across the Commonwealth. For more information about the SBA 7(a) Loan Program, the 504 Loan Program or the Microloan Program, including a list of SBA Lenders in Kentucky, you may contact Dana Winston or Heather Hairgrove, Lender Relations Specialists. You can send an email to Dana at dana.winston@sba.gov or call 502.582.5971, extension 227. Heather can be reached by email at heather.hairgrove@sba.gov or by calling 502.582.5971, extension 243.
  • Assistance to businesses owned and controlled by socially and economically disadvantaged individuals through the 8(a) Business Development Program. You may contact Robert Coffey, the 8(a) Program Specialist, by email at robert.coffey@sba.gov or call 502.582.5971, extension 266.
  • There are also many Contract Opportunities for small businesses, and you may contact Robert Coffey at the above email address or phone number to inquire about contract opportunities. Special loan programs are also available for businesses involved in International Trade, and Robert Coffey can assist your small business with exporting opportunities. Small businesses engaged in exporting or exploring international trade can contact Robert Coffey or find more information at the U.S. Export Assistance Center for Kentucky.
  • If you have questions about the 8(a) Business Development Program or Contract Opportunities, you may also contact Cherie Guildford, Business Opportunity Specialist, at cherie.guilford@sba.gov or call 502.582.5971, extension 261.  
  • For information about the SBA HUBZone Program in Kentucky, send an email Cherie Guildford at cherie.guilford@sba.gov or call 502.582.5971, extension 261.  
  • If you are interested in SBA Services for Veterans, you can get business counseling and information about SBA guaranteed loans and other services. For details, send an email to Tommie Causey at tommie.causey@sba.gov or call 502.582.5971, extension 237. He is also an Economic Development Specialist for the Kentucky District Office.
  • The Women's Business Ownership Representative is available to advise women business owners. The Women’s Business Center of Kentucky also plans monthly mentoring roundtables for women entrepreneurs. Each month, an agenda is set around a particular topic, and a subject matter expert is invited to address that topic. Contact Heather Hairgrove at heather.hairgrove@sba.gov or call 502.582.5971, extension 243.
  • Michael Ashcraft is the Senior Area Manager for Kentucky and serves the role of Public Information Officer (PIO) for the district. He also is responsible for SBA Special Initiatives and Success Stories. You may contact him by email at michael.ashcraft@sba.gov or call 502.582.5971, extension 225.
  • Gina Holman is the Procurement Center Representative (PCR), Commercial Marketing Representative and Size Determination Specialist for the Kentucky District Office. She can be reached by email at gina.holman@sba.gov or by phone at 502.582.5971, extension 240.
  • District Counsel for the SBA Kentucky and Tennessee District Offices is Dave Higgs. His email is david.higgs@sba.gov, and his phone number is 615.736.5881, extension 239.
  • The Kentucky District Administrative Officer is Diana Hurley. Her email address is diana.hurley@sba.gov, and her phone number is 502.582.5971, extension 241.
  • Free, one-on-one, confidential counseling, advice and information on how to start, better operate or expand a small business is available through SBA Resource Partners, including the Kentucky Small Business Development Center (KSBDC), toll-free at 1.888.475.SBDC, the Kentucky Chapter of SCORE, Counselors to America’s Small Business, at 502.582.5976, or through the Women's Business Center of Kentucky, at 502.566.6076. The SBDC, SCORE and the Women’s Business Center also offer many workshops and seminars for a nominal fee.