Success Stories

Innovation Creates Manufacturing Jobs in HUBZone

Flavorman is an international custom product development and ingredient supply company.  Known as The Beverage Architects®, Flavorman is able to take a beverage concept through every phase of product development and production, from start through finish, and has developed and designed over 500 products for hundreds of companies to successfully launch in the beverage marketplace.  The beverages range from energy drinks and sodas to flavored spirits and liqueurs. 

Since 1992, Flavorman has been leading the industry as a single source partner in beverage product development.  Clients range from start-up entrepreneurs to major international players in the global beverage market.  Their 24,000 square-foot headquarters houses one of the largest full-service beverage product development facilities in the United States, including a state-of-the-art, fully equipped laboratory, warehouse and production area.  In-house capabilities, industry expertise and product innovation allow... Read More

Patriot Industries, Inc. is located in the cities of Monticello and Albany, two very rural communities in southern Kentucky.  Monticello is located in Wayne County.  Albany is located in Clinton County, which was recognized as an Empowerment Zone in 1996.  Empowerment zones are designated to stimulate growth and economic development in poor, rural, underdeveloped communities across the country.

Patriot Industries offers four primary services: cutting and sewing, screen printing, manufacturing and warehousing.  The company has used several SBA programs to help establish and grow the company.  Jack Mills, President & CEO of Patriot Industries, realized that with the trend to ship operations offshore in the cut and sew industry, he would have to use all of the advantages of small business programs offered by SBA in order to retain and increase American jobs at American factories such as Patriot Industries. 

The company was 8(a) certified in December 2000 and received... Read More

J.C. Egnew saw a need and a great opportunity when he co-founded Outdoor Venture in 1972 in Stearns, Kentucky.  Stearns, located in McCreary County, is one of the poorest counties in the United States.  About 65% of the land in the county is owned by the United States Government, leaving very little property and land available to develop industrially or agriculturally or for the community to grow economically.  As the founder of a startup company in a community with no manufacturing history, Egnew was successful in building a capable management team, using primarily local residents, and that management team was able to manufacture a new product, find and sell new customers and run the overall business activities.

J.C. Egnew, a former NASA rocket test engineer in the Apollo Program, currently serves as Chairman and President of Outdoor Venture Corporation.  J.C. Egnew is responsible for the startup of 4 manufacturing facilities and the creation of more than 1,000 jobs in this... Read More

About nine years ago, Cathy Stafford had a vision for a new company, Ad-Venture Promotions. At that time, she was a single mother with a young son.  She had recently gone through a divorce and was still battling stage 4 colon cancer.  Despite these and other challenges, she started a new business in the laundry room of her home, with her son close by her side.  She worked harder than she had ever done before, growing the home based business steadily and profitably, despite dealing with many challenging obstacles along the way. 

The obstacles she incurred did not get in the way of her vision.  She eventually moved the business outside the home and later purchased an office building where the business now resides.  An SBA Express loan helped provide her with additional capital necessary for any rapidly-growing business and enabled her to add employees. 

Today, Cathy Stafford operates her promotional products business with that same passion and vision.  The company now... Read More