Success Stories

Photo of Doug Schutte

Brief description of the business:  It’s a restaurant. It’s a live theatre venue. It’s a music site. It’s a comedy spot. The Bards Town is all of those rolled into one. A play on words with William Shakespeare and the Bard Theater, this unique business has a 90-seat restaurant and 65-seat lounge on the first floor. The second floor, home to The Bard's Town Theatre, offers new works from playwrights as well as theatre, poetry, and musical acts.

The business opens every Wednesday through Sunday at 5:00 pm, serving up food, new theatre works, whether a world premier or a successful show from New York or Chicago yet to be seen in Louisville, or a comedy, literary or music event.   

Founded in 2010 by Doug Schutte, Scot Atkinson and Jon DeSalvo, with a menu developed with assistance from famous local chef Joe Gadansky, this quirky business has a theme that incorporates all things Shakespearian. That is understandable, given the background of the founders. In his youth,... Read More

Photo of Desmond Conley

Brief description of the business: Perhaps no industry was more devastated from the effects of the Great Recession from 2008 – 2012 than the home building and remodeling business. So what did Desmond Conley decide to do? He started G.I.D. Remodeling & Services, LLC in 2012. The company offers remodeling services for residential and commercial properties in the region.

Desmond had a career in graphic design and received an Associate’s Degree in Commercial Art from the Jefferson Community and Technical College in Louisville, KY. This work allowed Desmond to develop an admiration for carpentry and remodeling, so he decided to go back to the community college for an Associate’s Degree in Construction Technology.    

SBA Assistance: G.I.D. stands for “Getting It Done,” and Desmond has gotten it done and enjoyed success since 2012. However, when he met with Hugh Shwab, a SCORE counselor with the Louisville Chapter, his business attained a whole new level of success.... Read More

Photo of Rhonda and Tim Hatfield

Brief description of the business:  Rhonda Hatfield is the personification of the serial entrepreneur. In February 2004, she and her husband Tim opened Little Scholars, Inc. childcare center in Louisville, KY. Rhonda had a vision to offer premier childcare services in an area of Louisville that had not been offered in that area of the city. The center was so successful that a second location was opened less than a mile away in 2007, and that business also flourished. 

In 2013, Rhonda sold the business and began searching for her next entrepreneurial voyage. She settled on a spa concept that evolved in 2014 into Blue Halo Med Spa, a day spa that offers a customized spa program, including an extensive array of wellness services, for its patrons.

SBA Assistance:Rhonda Hatfield used the Louisville SBDC office for budgeting, management and marketing assistance multiple times starting in 2003, and she continues to use the SBDC for assistance to this day. She obtained an SBA... Read More

Photo of Ronny and Beth Drennan

Brief description of the business: The Broadbent family began producing products in 1909 for personal consumption and for sale to friends and neighbors. In 1965, the company built a United States Department of Agriculture facility, and the next year had their first mail order catalog and began interstate commerce. The company has been curing country ham, bacon and sausage for over 80 years. Smith Broadbent II and two sons founded the retail business in 1966. The Bingham family, of Louisville, KY., was also part of the operation in the beginning, hence the “B & B” original name of the company. A series of family tragedies resulted in the Bingham’s withdrawal from the firm. Smith Broadbent III sold the family business to Ronald and Elizabeth Drennan, of Fredonia, KY, in March 1999. 

The Drennans have carried on the tradition of excellence and quality as shown by the numerous prizes and awards they continue to win. In 2000, at the Kentucky State Fair, their Grand Champion... Read More