Success Stories

Photo of Rhonda and Tim Hatfield

Brief description of the business:  Rhonda Hatfield is the personification of the serial entrepreneur. In February 2004, she and her husband Tim opened Little Scholars, Inc. childcare center in Louisville, KY. Rhonda had a vision to offer premier childcare services in an area of Louisville that had not been offered in that area of the city. The center was so successful that a second location was opened less than a mile away in 2007, and that business also flourished. 

In 2013, Rhonda sold the business and began searching for her next entrepreneurial voyage. She settled on a spa concept that evolved in 2014 into Blue Halo Med Spa, a day spa that offers a customized spa program, including an extensive array of wellness services, for its patrons.

SBA Assistance:Rhonda Hatfield used the Louisville SBDC office for budgeting, management and marketing assistance multiple times starting in 2003, and she continues to use the SBDC for assistance to this day. She obtained an SBA... Read More

Photo of Ronny and Beth Drennan

Brief description of the business: The Broadbent family began producing products in 1909 for personal consumption and for sale to friends and neighbors. In 1965, the company built a United States Department of Agriculture facility, and the next year had their first mail order catalog and began interstate commerce. The company has been curing country ham, bacon and sausage for over 80 years. Smith Broadbent II and two sons founded the retail business in 1966. The Bingham family, of Louisville, KY., was also part of the operation in the beginning, hence the “B & B” original name of the company. A series of family tragedies resulted in the Bingham’s withdrawal from the firm. Smith Broadbent III sold the family business to Ronald and Elizabeth Drennan, of Fredonia, KY, in March 1999. 

The Drennans have carried on the tradition of excellence and quality as shown by the numerous prizes and awards they continue to win. In 2000, at the Kentucky State Fair, their Grand Champion... Read More

Photo of Dwayne and Tawana Mollison

Brief description of the business: Mollison Enterprises LLC is a franchisee of Auntie Anne’s Pretzels, a nationally known chain of pretzel stores and kiosks, founded in 1988 in Downingtown, PA. Dwayne and Tawana Mollison opened their kiosk in The Towne Mall in Elizabethtown, KY on December 26, 2012. Following the Auntie Anne’s procedures to the letter, they make and sell the finest pretzel products, including soft pretzels, pretzel dogs, and pretzel nuggets, along with assorted toppings and drinks.

SBA Assistance: Dwayne, a service disabled U.S. Army veteran, was working on a Master’s Degree in Counseling, but wanted to assist Tawana in establishing a family-owned business. After looking at several franchise opportunities, as well as a few independent ones, the Mollisons fell in love with the Auntie Anne’s story, as well as the company’s family oriented focus. A contact to Auntie Anne’s headquarters gave them the information and the confidence that they needed to seriously... Read More

Brief description of the business: Matrix Engineering, PLLC, started in April 1995 in Paducah, KY by Michael Eck and Darren Jarvis, provides consulting engineering services to industrial clients, including major producers of chemicals, pulp and paper, steel, minerals, water treatment, baking powders, food ingredients, pharmaceutical binders, cosmetic gels and powders, and tobacco products. Because of overseas business opportunities, the owners in 2007 founded another company, Matrix Industrial Systems, Inc. The companies provide custom bulk material handling and control systems, including continuous feed systems, pulverized fuel feed systems, industrial control systems and mobile test unit feed and delivery systems as well as the engineering services for those systems.

Matrix is considered an industry leader for pulverized fuel feed systems for lime recovery kilns, specifically petroleum coke fuel delivery systems for rotary kilns. Matrix currently has the most ground... Read More