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Success Stories

Todd Matherne

Todd Matherne has been a driving force in the publishing industry in the Greater New Orleans region for over 28 years, working his way up as an intern in the industry and defying media trends to form Renaissance Publishing Company in 2006 in the wake of Hurricane Katrina.  Renaissance publishes New Orleans Magazine, St. Charles Avenue, Louisiana Life, On Stage, Acadiana Profile, New Orleans Bride, New Orleans Home and Lifestyles, and Biz Magazine. 

Nearly wiped out by Hurricane Katrina in 2005, the former publisher of New Orleans Magazine considered closing down until three employees, Chief Executive Officer Todd Matherne, Exective Vice President of Sales Kelley Faucheux, and Editor-in-Chief Errol Laborde bought out the publishing assets and renamed the company.  Today, Renaissance Publishing continues to launch new and innovative products and services including the new and updated website. 

Mr. Matherne is an active volunteer in a number of social,... Read More

Keith DuRousseau’s lifelong passion has been to design and build legacy structures.  After spending several years building his skills in the civil construction industry, he became increasingly interested in vertical construction and real estate development.  Keith bartered those skills in exchange for the opportunity to train and work for experienced general contractors in the local area.  Learning from seasoned general contractors would prove to be a key factor in his success as Keith learned that both years of experience in the industry and a solid past performance history are essential to success.

While working and building his portfolio, Keith decided to become a part-time real estate agent to learn the art of real estate deals.  After meeting several contacts and working on multiple real estate transactions, Keith knew he wanted to continue the pursuit of his dream to become a builder. Like most dreams, this one required sacrifices…not just for Keith, but also his... Read More

Vince P. Gremillion
RESTECH Information Services, Inc.
220 Phlox Avenue
Metairie, LA  70001
Office: (504) 733-5633
Fax: (504) 733-9811

Early in his life, Vince Gremillion displayed a special knack for working with machines.  After graduating from high school in 1979, Vince attended technical school.  His first job in the 1980s was fixing point of sale machines, and from there he expanded and excelled in a wide variety of areas.  Whether he was fixing telephone cables, developing ground-breaking proprietary circuits used in neonatal monitors in hospitals, or solving issues with NASA computers at Michoud, Vince’s potential stood above the rest.

Vince had always dreamed of running his own business, and in 1992, he moved his home office into a small commercial space and launched RESTECH Information Services, Inc.  RESTECH is a leading provider of voice and data management services and has developed... Read More

Creative Jewelry by Bridgeja, LLC was established in 2008 by a young entrepreneur named Bridgeja Baker.  Unlike most successful start-ups, however, this entrepreneur was only ten years old!  Growing from annual revenues of $2,000 to over $14,500 last year, Bridgeja has attracted the attention of national chain stores and even the White House.

Before she even began high school, Bridgeja began designing jewelry for men, women, and children and quickly saw the opportunities for growth.  She has expanded to necklaces, earrings, bracelets, cufflinks, lapel and tie pins, bookmarks and eyeglass holders, which are available through her website.  Bridgeja also showcases and sells her jewelry at local festivals and art markets.  As her reputation grew, she was sought after by brides looking for a unique gift for the bridal party.  She began designing pieces for local judges and some on city council.  Bridgeja also designed a three piece pearl set for First Lady Michelle Obama as well... Read More