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Keeping the Edge

Keeping the Edge

Every company talks about the value in listening to its customers, but no company takes that creed more seriously, or more literally, than Keep the Edge Studios. Keep the Edge is a recording studio where according to its founders, “all musicians should feel welcome.” The studio aims to provide a creative and inspiring environment for all musicians needing a space to record, while also upholding industry standards for sound fidelity, consistency and creativity.


Keep the Edge Studios was founded in 2009 by two Berklee College of Music graduates, Keith Asack and Kim Pfluger. Mr. Asack has been recording since age 14 and is also an accomplished songwriter. Ms. Pfluger is a singer, guitar player, and guitar repair technician as well as a graphic designer, web designer, and artist. The two business partners met while in school, and decided to start their business when they were only 20 years old. The pair started the recording studio in a small, 525 square foot space in Allston, but after some flooding in 2010, the company moved to a full-service 2,000 square-foot facility in Quincy, Massachusetts.


With a total of 88 inputs in each control room, Keep the Edge Studios is now one of the largest, multi-functional studios in the Boston area. Keep the Edge Studios received help from the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) to help them grow, including counseling from the Massachusetts Small Business Development Center and an SBA small business loan for $100,000. The pair was connected to the SBA by Ms. Pfluger’s former accounting teacher and manager of a Berklee business incubator, Martin Dennehy.


Giving back to the community that helped them get their start in the music business has always been important to Kim and Keith. Each year, the studio puts on a community concert in partnership with the local Chamber of Commerce. The event includes a few of the bands that the studio works with and concessions.


Despite a few challenges, and with help from the community in Quincy, Keep the Edge Studios has shown that it has staying power. As the trend of positive growth continues, the company is likely to enjoy enormous success.