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Small Business Success Story: Indigo Fire Studio

Suchi Mumford has always been the hands-on type attracted to hands-on art, and now that she has opened her own clay pottery and glass studio, she is thrilled to own and manage a business around something that she has loved since her childhood.   


Mrs. Mumford started Indigo Fire Studio in Belmont, Massachusetts in 2012. She had always loved working with clay pottery, but a career in international aid took her overseas and kept her busy working with education and adoption programs. After marrying and having two children, international work was no longer a good fit and Mrs. Mumford decided to open her own business. That first year was stressful, and Mrs. Mumford said, “I wish I had started Indigo Fire before having children. Finding balance can be difficult in that first year. But at the end of the day, it’s a great fit.”


Before starting her business, Mrs. Mumford approached the Center for Women and Enterprise (CWE) for help in 2011, and later completed a six-month business writing course with the organization that helped her develop her business plan. She then approached Cambridge Savings Bank with her plan and received a small business loan to get her started. In the 14 months that she has been in business, Mrs. Mumford has been able to hire five additional employees and hopes to add additional locations in the future.


“I could not have started my business without the help of CWE,” said Mrs. Mumford. She added, “They understand the unique challenges that many women face in starting businesses, and work hard to get women the resources they need to become successful entrepreneurs. They continue to be my ‘go-to’ resource for networking and on going support.”


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