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On the Watchlist

On the Watchlist

Stephan Wronski
RJ Wronski Associates, Inc.
100 Everett Avenue, Suite #4
Chelsea, Massachusetts 02150

On the Watchlist

Every business leader recognizes the importance of employee development but few have the resources or talent to train staff on all facets of business leadership. A local company fills the gap between corporate capability and its training needs.

Boston-based RJ Wronski Associates, Inc., founded by Richard Wronski in 1984, was originally an information technology training business focused on mainframes, programming languages, and database technologies. Richard’s son Stephan Wronski, who has been with the company since 1998, was named president in 2012, and with his father’s support, has expanded the business into a leadership development organization with global reach. Onsite training has been delivered on six continents, 33 countries and 37 states to companies like Johnson & Johnson, Chevron, Nielsen, Manulife and other companies committed to the development of their staff

Wronski Associates brings together instructors, coaches and consultants to design comprehensive leadership programs that deliver leadership, technical and business skills to engineering, operations and IT professionals at all levels of the customer’s organization from new hires to senior executives. Courses are delivered either onsite in a traditional classroom environment or as blended online solutions using the most advanced e-learning technologies and platforms.

When Stephan was transitioning into his role as president in 2012, he recognized that he had to become more of a strategic thinker in his new role. Fortunately, he learned about SBA’s e200 Program, now called SBA’s Emerging Leaders Initiative, and its MBA-style program for CEOs, COOs, CFOs, which was just about to begin in April. The course included approximately 100+ hours of professional specialized training and peer-to-peer counseling delivered over the course of seven months

Stephan completed the course which ran from April through October 2012 and took away a three-year strategic growth action plan with benchmarks and performance targets. Wronski states that “I may not have made the time to develop this plan without the support and push from the e200 instructor and fellow students.”

The effort served him well and helped him achieve one of the growth strategies contained in his e200 Growth Action Plan to improve the company’s branding and image to be on par with academy-minded clients for whom they regularly provide leadership development solutions. A key component of this strategy was to capture three or more industry awards. Recently Wronski Associates nailed this goal by being named to Training Industy.com’s 2013 Leadership Training Companies Watch List which is quite an honor given that this status was awarded to just 16 companies.

For more information on Wronski Associates, visit http://www.wronskitraining.com/ and more information about SBA’s Emerging Leaders Initiative, go to http://www.sba.gov/content/sba-emerging-200-initiative.