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Massachusetts District Office Success Stories

Massachusetts District Office Success Stories


CMI International Group is an international consulting company in Cambridge, Massachusetts that specializes in distinct service categories: relationship management, coaching, conflict resolutions, persuasion, consulting services; transactional assistance; training in Private and Public sector and the International Workshops in Harvard Campus.  Youth programs. 

CMIIG, which was founded in 1997, originated in the Harvard Negotiation Project, the negotiation most prestigious hub, which aims to improve the theory and practice of conflict resolution and negotiation by working on real world conflict intervention, theory building, education and training, and the writing and disseminating new ideas. Professor Roger Fisher and his colleagues created the world’s most successful methodology to implement the theory and tools of the Harvard Negotiation Project for dealing with our daily interactions and training to handle interpersonal relationships in the political, social and business spheres all over the world with the Program of Negotiation of Harvard Law School, was an important mentor to CMIIG’s CEO and Managing Director Javier Calderón and the company today aims to improve access to negotiation theory and practices from this program.

CEO Javier Calderón has a background in finance, and worked with Centennial One as a training and development specialist until October 1998, when he joined Conflict Management Inc. International Group (CMIIG) as its financial director. In 1999 the owners gave him responsibilities to manage all operations for the company in the U.S., and he managed the company through a difficult time with slow business after the events of September 11th because of visa and travel restrictions. After various up and downs in the business Javier decided to purchase CMIIG in 2004-2006. 
Javier joined the SBA’s E200 program in 2012 while in a difficult transition, after breaking an alliance with a partner and working out a plan on how to direct and grow his company. In the program he discovered that his business plan was not accurate and that he could better manage cash flow by making an adjustment so that payments go first to the company and then to its consultants. These and other discoveries and improvements helped the company grow and expand into new countries and operate in new languages. Javier married what he learned in E200 with the advice he got from Roger Fisher, who told him that to achieve growth he didn’t always have to compete – he could work to find new markets and opportunities and “increase the pie” through new alliances.

CMIIG is now taking on new contracts and working with different entities around the globe, and is focusing on long-term contracts as part of its improved business model. Javier works to give back to his community through free speaking engagements or donating speaking fees to local charities. He also wants to show his gratitude to the E200 program in Boston by providing feedback and assisting future classes of CEOs where appropriate.