Success Stories

2016 Exporter of the Year


(Pictured: Seth Goodall, SBA New England Regional Administrator; Karyn Polito, Massachusetts Lieutenant Governor; Robert H. Nelson, SBA Massachusetts District Director)




Lisa Chamberlain always dreamed of working in show business, never thinking she might someday be a small business owner.


Visual Effects to Mimetic Organs

A graduate of Princeton University and having attended the Yale School of Drama in the MFA program – Lisa’s passion was ultimately to produce live theatre. Her graduate internship took her to a special visual effects company based in New York City – where she spent six years as a producer of visual effects.  In the 90’s, she became vice president/executive producer for visual effects at a popular digital production company, managing a staff of eighty.  In 1995, Lisa joined Mass. Illusion in Lenox, MA – working alongside her now husband Eric Chamberlain, producing video effects for the studio’s work... Read More

Ralph Constantine, Owner of Jamie's Pub & Grill

Is it ready?  Is it ready?  Is it ready? 

That was the question owner Ralph Constantine asked his SBA Certified Development Company specialist, Barbara Arena for about 3 years after the temporary SBA 504 Refinance Program had expired back in September of 2012.

“One of the most rewarding parts about my job is demonstrating how accessible the SBA’s programs have become,” said Barbara, “assisting customers through the streamlined application process ensures a prompt delivery of capital to businesses and allows owners like Ralph to keep his focus where it belongs -- on running his business.”

Patiently waiting for its’ reactivation – Ralph organized his financial house so that Jamie’s Pub & Grill of Whitman would be the first small business in Massachusetts to utilize this money-saving program after being approved by Congress.  


On December 18th of 2015, Congress passed the Consolidated... Read More

KRAM Wellness Group

Most teenagers these days are video gaming, playing sports or getting social online and at the mall in their out-of-school time.  
In Leominster, Massachusetts -- Rachelle Wailes and Matthew Aronson are breaking the mold and leading a revolution – the FLEXFIT Revolution – embarking on an entrepreneurial journey, lucky enough, with their parents.  Heather Wailes, Jack Wailes and David Aronson are not your average parents either – Rachelle’s mom Heather is a mechanical engineer; her dad Jack has a strong manufacturing background; and Matthew’s dad David is owner of a small business in Leominster.  Together, they’re using this opportunity to pass down important life lessons and a pragmatic entrepreneurship experience for their kids in a truly admirable way.  

It all started in 2014 -- after a team of students competed in a national STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) competition sponsored by the Army Educational Outreach Program called ‘... Read More

Erinna Family






Left to right: Ariana Erinna, Ramon Erinna, and Javier Erinna

Military Family

Ramon Erinna enlisted early to serve his country – little did he know that in doing so, he would sacrifice a chance at a four year scholarship to a prestigious university in the Boston area.    An honors student at Cambridge High and Latin School, he was also an outstanding soccer player recognized with “All Eastern Mass” which drew the attention of scouts and area schools.

It was the Vietnam War era and Ramon was inspired by this national movement that led him to military service.   An immigrant from Panama, “We have to be innovative when we come as immigrants from other countries,” said Mr. Erinna.  Ramon went on to train at Fort Leonard Wood, MO, and served at Fort Stewart, GA and Schofield Barracks, HI during his three years with the Army Corps of Engineers and then 3 years as an inactive reservist.

Mr. Erinna is raising an Army... Read More