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Success Stories

Lily Bengfort, CEO and President
Consulting and Engineering Next Generation Networks (CenGen, Inc.)
9250 Bendix Road, North
Columbia, MD 21045
(410) 715-1300

“Think big, move fast and implement smart!” That’s the mantra by which Lily Bengfort, President of Consulting and Engineering Next Generation Networks (CenGen, Inc.) in Columbia, Md., has achieved entrepreneurial success through a combination of innate business savvy, exceptional leadership and intense determination.  

Ms. Bengfort’s business philosophy encapsulates CenGen’s approach to its mission of creating communication network solutions and evaluating emerging technologies. Their mission is to save lives by providing the best communications possible to the men and women serving their country, from First Responders to the First Infantry Division. CenGen is in the business of building bridges: between radios, networks, legacy and leading... Read More

Small Business Owner Receives Disaster Loan

John and Rayetta Price, owners of Skipper’s Pier Restaurant in Deale, Md., understand only too well the appropriateness of the Phoenix Award they received from the U.S. Small Business Administration in 2005. The Phoenix Award, named after the mythological bird consumed by fire later to rise renewed from the ashes, is presented to those individuals whose efforts and contributions have enabled their businesses to recover successfully from a disaster.

In September 2003, a tropical storm, the remnants of Hurricane Isabel, deposited three feet of flood water in their restaurant destroying the main dining deck and pier. The entire property was covered with tons of debris.

“Until you go through that experience you have no concrete basis on how to prepare. It is difficult to appreciate what you will face,” said Price. “We thought we had prepared. We boarded up the windows, filled sandbags and placed them around the property, but it was not enough. We relied on historical... Read More