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Small Business Award Nomination Guidelines for FY 2014

Nominate a small business owner to receive one of the SBA's prestigious awards in one of the following categories:

SBA YOUNG ENTREPRENEUR OF THE YEAR: Any individual who serves as majority owner and operator for a small business with a three-year track record, and who will not have reached the age of 35 by June 1, 2013.

ENTREPRENEURIAL SUCCESS: Individuals who own and operate a business that started ‘small’ by SBA standards, then developed into a large business.   Business must have received SBA assistance.

JEFFREY BUTLAND FAMILY-OWNED SMALL BUSINESS: Family-owned business that has passed from one generation to another and owner has responsibility for operating the business.  Nominees must serve as a majority owner and operator or bear principal responsibility for operating a small business with at least a 15-year track record. 

VETERAN SMALL BUSINESS OWNER: A U.S. Armed Forces Veteran who serves as majority owner for a small business with a three year track record.

WOMEN SMALL BUSINESS OWNER: A woman who serves as majority owner for a small business with a 3 year track record of at least three years.

MINORITY SMALL BUSINESS OWNER: An ethnic minority who serves as majority owner for a small business with a track record of at least three years.

HOME-BASED BUSINESS CHAMPION: An individual who owns and operates a home-based business.

MICROENTERPRISE AWARD: Any individual who founded, owns and operates a microenterprise which received SBA assistance (through SBA loan programs or as a client of our technical service providers) may be nominated.  Microenterprise is defined as any small business with five or fewer employees including the owners.

Below you will find all necessary documents to nominate a small business owner for one of SBA's Small Business Person of the Year Awards.

Nomination Form

SBA Form 2137

SBA Form 3300