BILD-ing Success in Small Business

Evan Carroll and Sasha Salzberg

In June 2011, husband and wife team Evan Carroll and Sasha Salzberg started their small architecture firm, BILD Architecture, LLC. Evan was the licensed architect, and Sasha managed the marketing and financial management of the company. This teamwork has clearly paid off for BILD, as they continue to grow their portfolio of projects with the help of a $30,000 SBA Express loan. Most recently, the firm announced their newest project, a six unit condominium complex in Portland’s Munjoy Hill neighborhood.

The success of BILD’s designs can almost certainly be traced back to the focus of their projects: special attention is paid to energy efficiency, access to local infrastructure, and suiting the building to the local environment. With Portland’s growing reputation nationally as a leader in artistic scenes, the look and feel of BILD’s designs definitely complements the local culture.

Evan has also gone above and beyond to make sure BILD’s designs suit Maine’s aging population, as well as those with disabilities. He gained attention back in 2011 by spending nine days living in the Maine Veterans’ Home in Scarborough, gaining a better understanding of the needs of those living there. This experience has enabled BILD to incorporate the needs of all segments of the population into their buildings.

While still a small firm by industry standards, the company now has four full-time staff, as well as the occasional intern, and actively pursues new opportunities. For all of these reasons, BILD was selected as the New England Micro-Enterprise of the Year.