Margo Walsh

Throughout our history, America has been viewed as a place for second chances and a new start, and Margo Walsh’s business lives up to that idea like few others.

Margo Walsh knows that personal struggle and past mistakes can make life difficult for anyone seeking to turn their lives around. That’s why her company, MaineWorks, is about more than just business, it’s based around a mission to provide an opportunity to those who may have been abandoned or left behind because of their past.

Starting in 2011, with guidance from the Portland chapter of SCORE, MaineWorks began providing temporary workers to the construction industry. But what sets MaineWorks apart is where they find their temporary workers. Margo specifically wanted to work with people recovering from addiction and recently released non-violent offenders.

By providing gainful and supportive employment to these populations (as many as 70 workers at a time), Margo ensures that her temporary employees are given a real chance to show their skills and find long-term employment.

In fact, MaineWorks has gained so much positive attention from across the country that an affiliated company has been started in Tennessee, with plans to add more programs in Connecticut and Colorado in the near future.

With all of the attention that the business requires, along with the ongoing expansions, Margo still finds time to go out of her way to ensure that her mission is successful. That is why she serves on the boards for the Maine Re-Entry Center and the Portland Recovery Center. That is why she was selected as Maine’s Small Businessperson of the Year for 2016.