Young Entrepreneur Expands Access to Prosthetics

Cory J. Laplante grew up in the town of Van Buren, Maine. At the age of 16, Cory lost a leg to osteosarcoma, a rare form of bone cancer. At the time he was faced with traveling hundreds of miles to receive quality care, and it was during one of those long trips to New Hampshire that he made a promise to himself to go on to college, become a certified prosthetist and open a practice in Aroostook County, which he has done—in a very successful fashion. In 2007 Cory established Northern Prosthetics in Presque Isle, Maine. Cory was the only employee of the business for the first year, handling all aspects of the business from negotiating contracts with health insurance companies, to the patient’s protocol from casting to fabrication, right through and including the billing process. Due to the increasing demand of the business he began adding staff for billing and also added an orthotic line. The business quickly expanded and began to outgrow the existing facility, so Cory decided to build a new office, with the assistance of an SBA Express loan. In 2011 Cory acted as the general contractor to oversee the construction of the new building. Through Cory’s hard work and determination they moved into the new space in September 2011. Cory has now expanded his staff at Northern Prosthetics to nine (9) full-time employees and two (2) part-time employees.