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Success Stories

What kind of personalities would take on the challenge of starting a company to manufacture a ‘good economy’ product in the midst of an economic recession, in the eastern part of the country, which automatically ensures higher distribution costs? Meet Tom Sturtevant and Trapper Clark.

Tom had built and sold several successful companies in the past, while Trapper knew all there was to know about the manufacturing of aluminum trailers. Together, they founded ALCOM Inc. out of a facility in Waterville, Maine and began to change the face of the North America’s aluminum trailer industry. Beginning with a core of 20 local employees in 2006, ALCOM began producing some of the forward thinking designs that Trapper was coming up with in the field of snow trailers. While many Maine companies never achieve annual sales of 2 million dollars, ALCOM crossed that threshold in its inaugural year. Their employee roster grew to over 55 employees by the fall of 2009, and with the relocation to... Read More