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Exporter Takes a STEP in the Right Direction

JEMS Technology LLC, an Orion, Michigan firm is revolutionizing the way health care professionals do business.  The company develops and manufactures a telemedicine solution that has many applications in the health care industry.

Using a smart device or cell phone, a physician can consult a surgery, a neurologist can complete a full stroke evaluation, a family practioner can practice medicine, or an injured or ailing prisoner can be safely diagnosed - without the imminent dangers of transportation.  JEMS is the only company in the world that provides consultative physicians with a live video that is secure anytime and anywhere by delivering a live streaming video to a physician’s smart device using WIFI or 3 and 4 g networks.

The company has had great success in the U.S. selling to health care facilities and EMS vehicles and was looking to test the waters in the Chinese healthcare market.  Research indicated that this technology would be of significant clinical value in China, a country in which there is a limited number of physicians, very large geography and low doctor per person ratio in densely populated areas.

The company needed assistance with navigating international distribution channels and funding to cover marketing costs.  That’s where the SBA’s State Trade and Export Program grant program, administered through the Michigan Economic Development Corporation, stepped in.  “SBA and the MEDC provided guidance and reimbursed us for the marketing costs we incurred,” said Kevin Lasser, CEO.  JEMS is working through an established distribution team in China that has enabled it to target hospitals and healthcare providers throughout the country, in both urban and rural areas.  The funds helped JEMS secure contracts and transactions for a group of hospitals in Shanghai, where the total business opportunity exceeds $10M.  Ron Perry, Director of International Business for JEMS, said, “The Chinese healthcare market presents a tremendous opportunity.  There is great demand for mobile medical solutions in China and the JEMS system is well-suited to serve the needs of healthcare providers in a number of clinical disciplines.”

STEP grant funding will support participation in foreign trade missions, foreign market sales trips, subscriptions to services provided by the Department of Commerce, website translations fees, design of international marketing media, trade show exhibitions, participation in training workshops, and other critical export initiatives.  For more information on the program, visit