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Old World Style Almond Company


For over 33 years, Nancy and Bruce Niezzgocki spent every weekend at festivals and major entertainment events across the country selling their popular and hugely successful brand of nuts called Old World Style Almonds.  They eventually grew tired of being away so often and wanted to find new distribution channels that would allow them to be home for family and friends. 


How SBA’s Women’s Business Center Helped

Nancy connected with the SBA funded Great Lakes Women’s Business Center to explore new ways of marketing her product.  WBC Director Deb Loeser helped her think beyond retail concessions and focus on products lines such as sample packages of their signature almond intended as a thank you gift for sales representatives.  The two also ventured into corporate marketing that would create higher profit margins for the company.  Loeser connected Nancy to resources that have resulted in grants from the Detroit Food and Agriculture Network and Motor City Match through the City of Detroit.  She also received an SBA micro loan through the WBC which was used to develop new packaging. 



Profits are at an all-time high and continue to grow.  Old World Style Almonds is a company poised for the next round of growth thanks to the help of the SBA’s WBC.