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Unconventional Solutions, Inc.


Tiffany Klingensmith, owner of Unconventional Solutions, Inc., is a certified women’s business enterprise operating in [CITY], Michigan, specializing in composite repair and high performance protective coatings. Her business serves customers in the energy, power, natural gas, and oil and gas industries, but Klingensmith also promotes public safety by training pipeline owners and contractors on the correct application of liquid epoxies to pipelines. She has given numerous trainings to ensure the coatings are put on the pipelines correctly, ensuring the safety of local communities.


How the SBA Funded Women’s Business Center Helped

Klingensmith met with the SBA-funded Women’s Business Center when she became overwhelmed with running her business and prioritizing her workload.  Center Director Deb Loeser, a former business owner, helped her identify bottlenecks in production and delegate more routine tasks.  Loeser also recommended that Klingensmith attend the WBC-sponsored Great Lakes Women’s Business Center Leadership Institute, where world-class business and industry leaders share best practices and advice with women business owners.  She has attended the last five conferences and integrated much of what she’s learned into her business. 



Klingensmith believes that the advice and training that she received from the Women’s Business Center has contributed to doubling her business in the past five years.  She credits the Women’s Business Center for helping her grow in project management, leadership and strategic planning.