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Michigan District Office Success Stories

Michigan District Office Success Stories

Established in 1985, K Drive Greenhouse began as a wholesale bedding plant grower serving customers in the Detroit and Chicago areas.  The former owners would invite friends and neighbors in to purchase plants right from the production facility. As word of their quality and service grew, so did their retail business. In 1994 they constructed their first dedicated retail area on site. Today, K Drive Greenhouse has grown to an acre of retail sales area and still produces 95% of the product sold.

In 2006, Hollis retired after more than 50 years in the industry and sold his share of the business to Josh Bell.  Josh grew up in the greenhouse business and brought not only his skills as a grower but a passion for a diversity of plants. K Drive Greenhouse now grows over 750 varieties of annuals, perennials, and flowering shrubs in order to provide customers with the best selection in the area. K Drive Greenhouse is constantly looking for the best performing new plant varieties to provide the best value for its customers. With a mix of old and new production techniques, K Drive Greenhouse strives to give its customers the quality and service they have come to depend on for the last 25 years.

Bell successfully partnered with the Michigan Certified Development Corporation and Omni Community Credit Union to obtain an SBA 504 Loan to finance the final piece of ownership of the growing operation.  Today K Drive Greenhouse  is a premium garden center serving Battle Creek, Albion, Lakeview, Springfield, Harper Creek, Jackson, Coldwater, Marshall and Bellevue.