COVID-19 relief options and additional resources

For Lenders

The resources and links below are meant to help Minnesota SBA Lenders.  It is a work in progress with more to come.  We hope you will find it useful.

Lender Information

Updated Form 912, Expires 7.31.22

Loan Summary Chart

Unilateral Action Matrix for 7a Loan Servicing Liquidation - June 2019

Guaranty Fee Calculation Estimator-  FY2019


Lender Activity Reports

February 2020 Lender Activty Report

January 2020 Lender Activity Report

December 2019 Lender Activity Report

November Lender Activity Report

October Lender Activity Report

September Lender Activity Report

August Lender Activity Report

July Lender Activity Report

June Lender Activity Report

May Lender Activity Report

April Lender Activity Report

March Lender Activity Report

February Lender Activity Report

January Lender Activity Report

November Lender Activity Report

October Lender Activity Report


Webinar Slides for March 7, 2018

Lender Nomination Request Form for Delegated Authorities

Lender Reinstatement or Additional Authority Request Form for Delegated Authorities

Powerpoint Presentation: Delegated Authority and 50 10 5(j) Reminders


Lender Notices

5000-20032 -  Refinance of EIDL Loans with PPP Loan Proceeds and Lender Remittance of EIDL Refinance Proceeds to SBA

5000 - 20025 Temporary Increase to SBA Express Maximum Loan Amount and Permanent Changes to Fee Relief for SBA Express loans to Veteran-Owned Small Businesses in the CARES Act

5000-20023 - CARES Act Payments

5000-20020 Implementation of Section 1112 of the CARES Act, Subsidy for Certain Loan Payments, for the 7(a) and 504 Loan Programs

5000-20016 Changes to 4506-T Tax Transcript Verification Procedures during the COVID-19 Emergency

5000-20011  Guidance Regarding No Adverse Change Certifications on 7(a) Loans during the COVID-19 Emergency

5000-20002 HVCRE Exposure for Interim Lender and Third Party Lender Loans

5000-20003 Publication of Interim Final Rule - Express Loan Programs; Affiliation Standards

5000-20004 Deferments on SBA 7(a) and 504 Business Loans and Microloans

5000-20005 The National Guaranty Purchase Center (NGPC) Guaranty Purchase Tabs

5000-20006 FY 2020 Updated Fee Schedule for SBA Oversight of 7(a) Lenders

SBA Infomation Notice 5000-19025 Calendar Year 2020 Schedule of 1502 Report & Payment Due Dates for 7(a) Loans

SBA Information Notice 5000-19026 - 7(a) Fees Effective for the Period December 21, 2019 through September 30, 2020

SBA Information Notice 5000-19023 - 7(a) Fees Effective for the Period November 22, 2019 through December 20, 2019

Revised Procedures for Fingerprint Background Checks for SBA Business Loan Programs - July 2019

SBA Policy Notice 5000-19007 - Changes to 7(a) and 504 Loan Program Appraisal Requirements

SBA Information Notice 5000-19005 - Revised IRS Form 4506-T

SBA Information Notice 5000-18012 - Updated SBA Form 159

National 7(a) Authorization Boilerplate

SBA Information Notice 5000-180011 - 504 Fees Effective 10/1/2018

SBA Information Notice 5000-180010 - 7(a) Fees Effective 10/1/2018

SBA Information Notice 5000-180005 - Express Bridge Loan Pilot Program

SBA Information Notice 4000-17060 - Lender Decals

SBA Policy Notice 5000-17057 - Credit Elsewhere Updates

SBA Information Notice 5000-17058 - 25 Year 504 Loan

Export Working Capital Loan - 10 Tab System Notice