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Library Resources for Small Business (Market Research)

Access tools for FREE that would normally cost you thousands.

At your fingertips, you have access to tools offered through the library system that will save you thousands. Below are just a few highlights available both online and onsite if you live in the seven county metro area through Hennepin County Library.
And all you need is a library card!

· Human Resources Compliance Library - HR practices and federal/state laws. 

· Small Business Resource Center - Articles on starting and running a business.

· Gale Directory Library - Wholesalers, distributors, tradeshows, and more.

· - Video tutorials for all skill levels on a wide variety of topic areas.

The main Hennepin County Library has a great business section with business librarians dedicated to helping you find the resources you need. These and many other resources are available to you through the library system. Learn more at 

Other libraries with resources for business in the metro area include:

Don’t live in the metro area? The Duluth and Rochester Libraries have access to many of these same tools and your library system may have access to them as well.

Contact your local library for more information.