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Success Stories

Success Stories

Stronghold Data Staff

Caves and high tech normally don’t go together.  But they should.

Stronghold Data, an IT solutions firm in Joplin, has placed its state-of the-art, fully redundant data center, 85 feet underground guarded by several layers of physical security, video cameras, biometric and other ID requirements. All their data and state-of-the art hardware is as protected as that of NASA and can serenely weather any natural and most man-made disasters.

This security is vitally important for Stronghold’s far-flung clients in the insurance, financial, healthcare, law enforcement, manufacturing and other industries throughout the U.S. and from the Caribbean to Canada, in five main areas:

Small Medium Business (SMB) to Enterprise hardware and software sales Managed services and monthly contractual support Voice over IP (VoIP, a group of technologies that delivers voice communication and multimedia sessions over Internet Protocol — chances are good your office phone uses VoIP) and... Read More
Fabricor Warehouse

Like many “homegrown” businesses, Fabricor began when Kent Summers recognized and seized an opportunity in 1982. Summers had been doing construction finish work and had bid a project in Springfield, MO., which included a call for a solid surface countertop design that had no seams.  That had not been done before.

“We thought, ‘Let’s try that,” Barbara Summers recalls today. “It worked and we found that it was a new market. That’s how it started!” 

Today, Barbara and Kent Summers (brother and sister) are the founders and owners of Fabricor in North Kansas City, MO.  The company is a certified Women’s Business Enterprise (WBE) offering solid surface and granite fabrication used by many hospitals to reduce crevices where bacteria and viruses can hide.  Fabricor purchases solid surface products, cutting raw sheets and or molds them into finished, fabricated countertops and other fixtures, primarily for the commercial market.

The company leveraged an SBA 504 loan... Read More

Joe Vazquez

Joe Vazquez, owner of Vazquez Commercial Contracting, LLC, thought he wanted to pursue a career as a CPA.  After earning an accounting degree, Joe believed that he was on his way to becoming a “big time” accountant.  However, after five years in the profession, Joe decided to change his career. He was burnt out!

His father-in-law owned a small construction firm performing mainly residential work. Vasquez had also gotten to know the construction industry in the course of conducting construction audits. His father-in-law knew how miserable he was in the accounting world and urged him to leave accounting and join him.  He told Joe, to come and work with him and to see what real work is about.

The father-in-law brought his son and Joe into the business as partners.  He took his business and split it three ways.

Soon after, the three partners started a home building business and was fairly successful until the downturn of the housing market.  The father-in-law... Read More

Angela Hurt, Veracity Consulting, Inc.

Veracity Consulting, Inc. a Woman-owned, Native American company was named as one of the honorees of the 2015 Influential Women of Kansas City Business by KC Magazine.  This award is given to those women who inspire others, create opportunities for their organizations, give back to their communities and mentor others. 

Veracity provides information technology consulting services. Founded in 2006, Veracity Consulting is the result of a key observation from CEO and founder, Angela Hurt.

“Companies were finding technology increasingly difficult to manage and overly complicated for businesses,” said Ms. Hurt. “Technology was changing how we worked together, interact with people, with businesses, and how we live. Businesses wanted help.”

This gap led Angela to create the vision of the “Veracity” experience and Veracity Consulting, Inc. was born. Veracity Consulting, Inc.’s mission is to change the complex world of technology into a more efficient and profitable... Read More