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1st Quarter FY 2014 - Third Party Lender Loans

The SBA 504 loan program provides long-term financing for the acquisition and/or renovation of capital assets including land, building and equipment. These loans are provided through Certified Development Companies (CDCs) working with lenders who make loans for approximately 50% of the project costs and retain a first lien on the collateral securing the loan. The CDC makes a loan for up to 40 percent of the project costs secured by a junior lien with the borrower providing 10% of the project costs. Borrower may be required to make injections beyond the 10% threshold of additional 5% amounts if the business is less than 2 years old and for single purpose buildings. The CDC loan is backed by a 100 percent SBA guaranteed debenture.

For the first quarter of fiscal year 2014 (October 1 – December 31, 2013), Certified Development Companies (CDCs) provided nearly $14.9 million in SBA's 504 loan program funding which supported 17 third-party lender loans totaling over $24.4 million to 16 eastern Missouri-based businesses.