Top SBA Lenders in Eastern Missouri Honored at Small Business Week Luncheon

The Lender Awards Luncheon, held on May 2, was the kick-off event for the 2016 Small Business Week of Eastern Missouri. The annual event recognizes the most active SBA lending partners within the St. Louis District Office area, and 150 SBA lenders and resource partners attended the event from throughout the eastern half of Missouri.  The keynote speakers were Russell Odegard and Michael Pruett, owners of Dynalabs LLC, who were the winners of the 2016 SBA Entrepreneurial Success Award. They provided an overview of their company including how their lending partners and SBA loans contributed to their small business success story.

Fiscal Year 2015 was a very good year for loan originations in the St. Louis District as evidenced by 600 small business loans totaling $225 million in loan guarantees.  These SBA loans helped create 2,570 jobs and retain an additional 5,667 jobs. The attached document lists the awards recognizing the top SBA lending partners in the district.

We would like to thank all of SBA’s participating lenders, especially those who received awards, for their efforts on behalf of small businesses in eastern Missouri.